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Article written by Sam Machado

As you're doing that hot guy, it gets to the point where you're about to explode—and a lot of times you don't have time to think about where the explosion occurs. It just happens. Sometimes it's best to let the moment fulfill that course, or maybe you need to change positions completely so you can shoot that wad in a completely different place. So what are the best options on where to cum?

The chest

Missionary position is one of the most common positions and one of the most intimate ones. So it can be fun to pull out and jack off until that load flows all over your partner's frontal region. Having that connection of looking at each other and watching him see your cum fall onto his chest can be pretty sexy. And your partner is bound to feel pretty satisfied that he was involved in making that moment happen.

The face

If you really want to make him feel like a nasty b-tch, then why not finish where he'll really get the feel for it? In a place that is much less casual and much more extreme, cum on the face can create a much bigger flame. Not only does your load shoot across his face, but it also spreads all over that expression he was just giving you. One can't go wrong with an orgasm making a connection with the look that says “give it to me.”

The ass

If you're a “back there” kind of guy, then it's a great touch to cum on the exact spot that turns you on in the first place. If you're doing him from behind and you feel like you're about to finish, no need to turn him over so he can see it. For him, he can embrace one of his other senses. It's not all about sight, sometimes it's about touch. Pull out and let it run all over his butt as you get to be the one in control as he remains on all fours in front of you. And if you were in the missionary position, turn him over on all fours—and watch as the magic happens.

The mouth

Nothing like a good swallower, right? If that's his thing, then let that wad aim for his other open hole and watch as he tastes every last drop and consumes it down. Plus, there are a couple ways this can work—either he can open his mouth wide and stick out his tongue—or he can wrap his lips around your shaft, which can make the pulsing extra intense.

Inside him

Whatever position you're in, sometimes it helps to let nature take its course and just let it happen. Whether you're behind him or on top of him, letting yourself explode while you're already inside him causes one of the highest amounts of pleasure. It also lets your guy know that it was his energy and his body that made you cum as hard as you did.

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