Being a top can be a lot of responsibility. It takes practice, dedication and maintenance. Not everyone is cut out to be a great top, but there are some steps you can take your improve your topping abilities. Like an Olympic athlete or a Renaissance painter, practice makes perfect. So, follow these five steps, and your bottom is guaranteed to notice an improvement in the quality of the fuckings.

1. Stop watching porn

The ideal top cums exclusively inside the butts of men. He doesn’t jerk-off to porn or fantasize about idealized, unrealistic sex scenarios. He’s either fucking or getting shit done, but not wasting time jerking off.

2. Exercise

Being a top is hard work… literally. In order to ravage assholes with force and relentlessness, you gotta be in good shape. There’s no other way around. Go to the gym. Start lifting. Not only will being buff aid you in your physical duties as a top, but also you’ll better look the part. The hottest tops have muscles--what can you do?

3. Do the research

The best tops are sex experts. They’ve looked at all the graphs and know all the charts. Quiz them about the prostate; they’re experts. They know the word for Vas Deferens in three languages. Knowledge is power, boys. And who doesn’t appreciate a powerful fucking?

4. Learn to love everything about butts

Clear your mind of everything except how to breathe and an appreciation for butts. Ass is your life. You need it, you crave it. You love everything about butts… and I mean anything. Being a top isn’t a clean job, but you absolutely cannot let the dirty parts be an issue. Butts are messy, but that’s part of the charm, right? Shift your perspective, and asses and can do you no wrong.

5. Increase your stamina with sex toys

Finally, a good top can fuck all night long if he needs to. In addition to control, you need to learn stamina. A good way to get used to the intensity of fucking tight buttholes all the time is to use realistic prosthetic sex toys that simulate the sensations on an asshole on your penis. This will also function to help keep your eyes on the prize. As a top, your dick only goes one place: boy butts. Okay, maybe sometimes mouths too. ;)
September 23, 2019 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips