One of the most difficult aspects of being in any relationship is knowing whether or not it is healthy and right for you. For a relationship to be healthy it needs three things: trust, mutual respect, and above all kindness. Although your partner may seem great on the surface, if your friends dislike them chances are there is a reason. We’ve compiled a list of the worst and most toxic things that can happen in a relationship that will drive a wedge between you and the person you love.


Being jealous stopped being an adorable way to show someone you care about them back in middle school. While it can be nice to know that your partner understands that others find you attractive, it isn’t nice when they’re psychotic about it. If you’re not able to go out for a night with the guys because your sweet-heart knows there will be other twinks at the bar looking to pick you up, then that is a major red flag. You can have other people think your S.O is attractive without them trying to fuck him.


I guess this could go hand-in-hand with jealously, but snooping is another sign your relationship is toxic. If your partner needs to go through your phone in order to trust you, or you feel the need to go through his, it is clear that mutual trust isn’t there. For a relationship to thrive two people need to believe that they're each the other's priority.

Different Rules On Cheating

While it may not be cheating for him to get a handjob from another dude, for you it could be a serious form of disrespect. Sit down with your significant other and come up with a set of relationship “rules,” or what would constitute cheating in both of your eyes. They may not always line up, but if he holds you to a much higher standard than he holds himself....something may be wrong.


If you can count on one hand the times you saw your best friends in the past six months, there is a problem. It is one thing to be so wrapped up in a new relationship you forget to see friends, it is another to completely go AWOL. If you don’t have a life outside of each other, chances are your relationship is toxic. And not necessarily because you two don’t love each other, but simply because how can you share your life with another person if you're living the same one?


If your significant other thinks it is harmless to flirt with other people, this is a sign your relationship is toxic. They don’t need to be going home with other people to put your dignity and respect on the line.


If you’ve started to branch out and build your own life, and your partner seems resentful of this, that is a sign that the relationship is toxic. While it is great to share common interests, it is even more important to build your own life. If your partner isn't excited that you have friends and things to do outside of your time together, it is a sign that they want to control you and not see you grow as a person.


If the ultimate weapon in your relationship is guilt, it is time to end it. Whether it is guilt for hanging out with your friends, or guilt that you didn’t text enough yesterday, to guilt that you didn’t treat for dinner every day this week: guilt is powerful and oppressive. If your partner or yourself primarily uses guilt as a way to win arguments, it means they’re very insecure and furthermore, they’re emotionally manipulative.


People get into a relationship with each other partially because they like seeing themselves go along for the ride of someone’s life. When two people in a relationship are competitive about career goals, and money, etc. It can be extremely toxic. If your partner is more jealous and enraged by your promotion than happy, perhaps it is a sign it is time to jump ship.
July 14, 2022 — Andrew Christian
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