Article by Brittany Hancock

Bigger is better. Or is it? Many fantasize about dating a man who’s hung like a horse but don’t consider all the aspects. After all, a big member can be a lot to take in. Literally. In this article we’ll look over the eight things you should know before dating a hung guy.


It’s the big night. He slips off his pants and reveals to you the most monstrous cock you’ve ever seen. You wonder just how you’ll be able to endure such a large offering. The thing is, he’s probably not even there yet. When your big lover gets hard it’s likely he’s going to sprout even bigger. This can be overwhelming if you’ve never been with a big guy. Putting it inside of you will be the same. If you think it looks big, just wait for how it feels. You’ll probably think he’s all in but, he’s just getting started. This may be painful at first, but once you adjust it can be quite pleasurable. Bigger penises are more likely to hit those sensitive areas that a smaller dick just can’t seem to reach.


You’re going to need a ton of lube. The average penis is around six inches, with a circumference around five inches. A guy who exceeds expectations might rank eight inches in length and beyond. That’s a lot of length and a lot of girth for the average male anus to consume. It can even lead to injury if you’re not careful. To make things smoother, you’ll want to be sure to purchase enough lube to ease you into the situation.

Anal Plugs

If you find he’s still too big, you may want to consider purchasing an anal plug. This can help widen you up for the experience. Think of it as a practice round. It can be a mood killer if he goes to put it in and must stop every few seconds to allow you to adjust. Give yourself some time to expand so you can both go at it like wild bunnies.


Your backside isn’t the only part of your body that’s going to take a beating. There’s a good chance your jaw is going to lock up. That’s a lot to put your mouth around and chances are you’ve only gotten him halfway in. Your typical tricks and moves might not work on your well-hung guy because of this. It’s going to take some practice to figure out how to please him without dislocating your jawbone. Try nibbling and licking more before taking him on completely.


The good news is you can discard your shake weight. Your new lover is going to have your arms looking fantastic with all the work you’ll be putting in. A longer shaft means a longer pump. So, be prepared to work on him for a while if he wants a hand job. Another thing you’ll want to remember is to trim your nails. With guys before you could probably wrap your entire hand around his girth. Bigger guys may be harder to get that same grip on. So, if you want to avoid hearing him shriek, maintain your trimmings.


One great aspect about well-endowed men is confidence. Your man will likely feel pretty good about himself, specifically in the bedroom. Guys with smaller penises tend to feel inadequate and may lack a certain pride when performing. If he’s hung, there’s a good chance he’ll feel smug. Let’s just hope not too smug. However, this isn’t always the case, some men may even have the opposite effect. Their package size is most likely different from the other guys you’ve been with. If you notice this, try reassuring your guy.


Those days at the beach will leave you feeling quite boastful. His member is likely to shine through in those soaked shorts. You’ll find yourself tempted to share just how big your guy is with your friends. Though it can be tempting, try not to admit all the details of his package. You never how “friends” will react. They may even try coming onto him and that’s a situation you’d be better to avoid. Plus, it’s a good idea to keep your partner’s private parts private.


Your friends will probably be staring at it. It’s not every day a guy is so huge and he’s probably going to attract some attention. This can may lead to some jealousy, but don’t let it discourage you. Just remember he’s all yours. Likewise, you may even find some envy over your own member. Even if you’re of average size it can be a bit demeaning seeing such a huge difference. Try not to let yourself get caught up in these petty feelings. Everyone is built differently and as we’ve discussed, being bigger certainly has its drawbacks.
October 31, 2018 — Andrew Christian