Article By: Ken Saunders

So let's talk about sex. A sex party is an excellent opportunity for sexually active and sexually curious adults to explore their kinks in a safe, fun, group environment. Do you fantasize about group sex? Do you dream of being watched while you masturbate? Do you like to spank or be spanked? Whatever your kink(s) are you can explore them and more at a play party. These are relatively common fantasies you can completely explore at a sex party. Before you head out to go play with the boys, there are a few things you need to know. Rest easy, I’m here to help.

1. Do your homework before the sex party.

So you’re ready to jump right on into your first play party. That’s great! But let’s make sure you’re doing it the right way. It's a good idea to do a little background surveillance about the party before attending. Most play parties have rules or specific kinks, and you should know what they are ahead of time so you can follow them. You don't want to end up at a spanking party if you're not into that. If you’ve got a particular kink, make sure it’s welcomed at the event. If the host is someone you don’t know ask your friends' or people that do know him, knowledge is power.

2. Be Prepared

Play parties tend to have their own themes. If you want to participate fully, feel free to bring your own sex toys and props, It'll kick up your experience to a different level.

3. Bring a play buddy to make your first time more comfortable.

Play parties are, by their very nature, a little naughty. That’s part of what makes them hot, so its natural to be a little nervous energy. This is a good thing. If you’re not sure if the scene is for you, bring a buddy. Going in a group will immediately make you feel safer and more comfortable to explore all your dirty fantasies and kinks. Plus, you’ve got someone looking out for you and vice versa.

4. Safety is King at a play party

Safety is king. Safety is king, and one last time Safety is king. If you’re going to a play party alone, make sure someone who isn’t at the party knows where you are. Have an exit strategy to use if you decide you can’t be at the party anymore. Most importantly, trust your instincts, if you are uncomfortable with anyone or anything, don't do it and don’t be alone with them. Having a safe, comfortable environment is the key to making these parties work.

5. Condoms, Barebacking, and Connie Francis

There’s another thing to think about before heading off to your first play party, and that's safer sex. What is safer sex for you? What kinds of things are off limits? Are you ok with barebacking, or do you always use condoms? No one can answer these questions except you. Knowing your boundaries and having a plan ahead of time to address them is one of those things that can make the difference in having a great time at your first play party or not. Bring condoms if you use them, bring lube if you have a preference, have a safe word, how about Connie Francis. Most importantly know your boundaries.

6. Do a walk around after you arrive.

Right after you get to the party, it's really important to understand the lay of the land first. There will be a lot going on, don’t let it overwhelm you. Take your time. Circle the room. See what’s happening, what you might want to take part in, what you want to avoid, what you want to watch. This is also an excellent opportunity to get a sense of the party as a whole.

7. Pick your perch and let people approach you.

It’s may be tempting to keep walking around aimlessly trying to get in on the action, but once you’re comfortable sit your butt down and let others come to you and they will. A lot of these guys have been here before, remember your new and untested, make that work to your advantage.

8. Have a good time

Most importantly have a great time!
November 26, 2018 — Andrew Christian