Let’s be honest, sometimes sex can get boring. This is especially true when you’ve been in a relationship for a long length of time. You don’t have to continue with the same boring routine, spice things up! Incorporating some new ideas into your lack less sex life might be just what you need to really get things going. Let’s look over five sex games that will get your love life back to that honeymoon phase.


A simple way to get things heated in the bedroom is by sexting throughout the day. You can send your partner a hot message about what you plan to do to them later. Even snapping a few nudes in the company bathroom can be a good idea to get him going. The idea here is to tease each other until you’re both ready to jump each other once you get through the door. This build up will make the sex that much more intense once you do get down to the deed.


Roleplay is a great way to have fun, even if you’re not a world class actor. It may seem corny at first, but if done right you can easily excite each other. Everyone has a dirty side, even if you’re too shy to expose it. With roleplay you can let out all your inner fantasies without feeling self-conscious of your desires. Some classic roles to try out include a cop and robber, professor and student, or a kidnapping. You do not have to limit yourself to just these fantasies, however. If you’re both into a certain fandom, try playing your favorite characters. The most important thing to remember when trying out this sex game is that it’s for fun. Don’t take things too seriously if you both find acting just isn’t your forte. Instead, laugh it off and get down to business again.

Food Incorporation

Certain foods can be sexy when applied properly to your lover’s body. One game you can play involves blinding your partner and having them try to guess what the food is. Try rubbing whip cream, chocolate, or strawberries along the length of their abdomen or chest. Dabble drips of these substances along their neck and jawline. After your love has guessed, lick the food off their sensual areas. By the time the game is over you’ll be all over each other.

Too Hot

This game is about resisting temptation. The rules are simple. You and your partner start making out, but with one little catch. You can’t touch each other. The game ends when one of you decides things have gotten too hot and you can’t go another second without touching your lover. The loser must let the winner do whatever they want to them.

Love Dice

Love dice are fun little toys that allow you to let fate decide what you must do with your sexual partner. Typically, these come in a set of two with instructions on each side of the die. One die will indicate an action such as lick, touch, nibble, etc. The other die will have a body part listed. To play, simply roll the dice and see which verb goes with which body part. Then proceed to do as it says.

Truth or Dare

This classic game can be played with a sexual twist to add some excitement into your night. Take turns asking truth or dare, but the results must be sex-related. For instance, if one of you were to choose “truth”, you could ask about the last time they masturbated. On the other hand, if you are to choose dare, you could perform a sexual act such as kissing, touching, or massaging. The options are only limited to how dirty your mind is.

Kiss Me

This game is a unique way to turn a boring night of television into a possible sexual adventure. If you’ve ever played a drinking game where you must take a shot at the mention of a certain word, then this will be quite familiar. Make up a set of rules for the show you are watching, but instead of drinking you will kiss. You can take the game further and swap kissing for additional actions that may turn you on. Hopefully, by the end of the show you’ll do more than just sleep.

The Box

This is a long-term game that will keep you both entertained. Get a box and place slips of paper with a new position, technique, or anything you are interested in trying. Your partner should do the same. Whenever it’s time for sex, you must remove one of the slips to see what you will be trying out that night. It’s a simple idea to keep things from becoming too routine and boring.
May 06, 2022 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles