Does underwear turn you on? Do you buy underwear even when you don’t need any more? Have you ever wanted to sniff your best friend’s boxer-briefs? It’s perfectly normal -- some studies have shown that testosterone could be detectable through scent. If you’ve ever fantasized about going through your buddy’s hamper for that sweaty pair he wore at the gym, that’s most likely why: because you can smell his testosterone. As for your ever-expanding collection of briefs, chances are you’re just preparing to entice your boyfriend or a potential lover. Your desire is perfectly normal. Embrace it. Our bodies produce different chemicals to attract a mate. When you find yourself appreciating a pair of underwear, it’s precisely those chemicals at work. In one study reported in the Scientific American, bodily odors appeared to boost sexual attraction. As long as you’re not harming anyone and you put your friend or roommate’s underwear back where you found it, it’s okay to appreciate it if it turns you on. Some studies reveal a possible connection between scent and compatibility -- if you find something irresistible about his natural scent, one theory, according to The New York Times, is that you might be simply be smelling his attractiveness. Some might call this a bit taboo or gross. But as those with an underwear fetish understand, it’s nothing more than scent and sensibility -- appreciating what nature intended. The connection between smell and sexual attraction is clear. Our obsession with underwear may also have something to do with the fact that it’s incredibly private. When you get hands on your best friend’s jockstrap, in addition to his scent, there’s something erotic about knowing you have access to something others don’t. Here are a few ways to embrace your underwear fetish:


If you’ve been too shy to talk to your lover about your fetish, a good way to warm up to the conversation is by surprising him with a new pair of sexy skivvies. If you’re a true hardcore underwear fetishist, you’ll appreciate your boyfriend’s scent after he comes home from a long day of work. Or better yet, enjoy a workout together and embrace your fetish together afterwards.


Don’t have a significant other to share your fetish with? Find a buddy through online groups such as Reddit or even on Grindr. No doubt you’ll find someone who appreciates the smell of fresh man scent as much as you do.


An underwear fetish isn’t just about appreciating other people’s underwear, but also your own. Change it up. Try on a jock strap. Wear briefs for a month instead of boxer-briefs. Always wondered what a thong feels like? Go for it. Most importantly, have fun and stay safe!
August 31, 2021 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips