Article written by Kendra Beltran

Back before we just swiped right for some sex, people had to go on actual dates with a person before they slept together. I know...wild concept! But we are here today to take things back a bit. We want you to get out there and actually date. Not just meet up to binge a TV show, hookup, and call it a day. Since this may be a new concept to some and a reintroduction to others, we’re going to give you some first date ideas that you can use that aren’t just about getting it on. They’re about getting to know someone, and having a great time while doing so.


Do you want to know the best part about hiking on a first date? It’s free. Hey, we didn’t say you had to break the bank to find romance. Hiking not only allows you to showcase your adventurous spirit to someone but it gets you outside, exercising, and provides some stellar backgrounds for sunset selfies. Not to mention it shows you just how much physical stamina this new guy can handle.

Mini Golf

There’s nothing wrong with a little competition on a first date. And when we say little, we mean it. For those who live by an old school mini golf place, take full advantage of it! It’s never not a great time. Plus, when you’re waiting for that annoying family in front of you to get through all of their kids, it’ll give you and the new guy some time to talk and really get to know one another.

Drink & Paint Nights

From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, everyone has these events near them where they get wine while they try and paint along with someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s not only entertaining but also a way to be creative with one another. Plus, there’s also the chance that one day you two could be hanging up what you paint in your place together. Oh, and did we also mention WINE. There is wine and that’s never a bad thing.

Escape Room

See how well you two really work together by taking on an escape room. It’s better to know sooner than later if you can handle one another when the pressure is on. And by pressure we mean if you two ever find yourselves locked in an old-timey detective’s office with a clock counting down. Still, it’s a blast to be had so why not have it with someone you’re into?

Food Tour

If you live somewhere that offers a walking food tour of your city, do it. Especially if you and your date are self-proclaimed foodies. You pay a one time fee. Then a guide takes you around and you just sample whatever food is provided on the tour. It’s a delicious experience. Plus, you won’t have to guess what they do and don’t like if you have a good time and find yourself going out on another date. You’ll already have that knowledge in your back pocket.


Ain’t nothing wrong with basing your first date around an intellectual evening at the local museum. Whether it’s art, history or science make a night out of it. Plus, at night you avoid all those horrendous kids on field trips.


A man that is willing to give his time to help others, how freaking cute is that? You can both put your best selves out there on the first date by giving back while getting to know one another. There are plenty of soup kitchens, animal organizations, and other volunteer opportunities out there that would be more than happy to provide the perfect backdrop for you and your new guy’s budding romance.

May 08, 2019 — Andrew Christian
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