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Josh Brady is damn adorable. He’s been in the adult industry since 2016 and maintains that boyish charm that never seems to fade. A Helix Studios standout, he’s won industry awards, one for best group scene – let’s be honest, we were staring at him the whole time. He’s a locker room fantasy, he’s done wrestling, football, baseball, soccer, track, hockey, and swimming (can you image a collab with Tom Daley?). He is the perfect blend of innocent appeal and naughty boy piercings. He’s got the booty, he’s got the bulge…and he’s got our attention.

Photo: AJ Ford

We had a quick chat with Josh for this AC exclusive…did someone say Triple DP?

How will OnlyFans new restrictions affect you the most?

Well since they reversed their decision, hopefully things will only get better.

How did you first get into the biz?

I first got into the business 6 years ago while I was in between jobs. I figured I’d give porn a shot and hit up one of my friends who worked at Helix and here I am.

Photo: AJ Ford

What scene stands out as a personal favorite?

I’d probably have to say my triple dp with Travis Stevens and Ashton Summers.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about you?

I’m a pretty reserved and shy person and sometimes that makes me come off as an asshole or unapproachable.

What hobby/habit do you have that would surprise us?

Idk, haha. I do yoga, I like to cook, and I’m kind of a clean freak.

How much does sex play a part in your everyday life?

Sex actually doesn’t play a huge part in my life. I don’t have a lot of sex off camera.

What can someone do to standout in your DMs?

Just be nice and respectful, haha!

What is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

I took an 8-hour bus ride to visit my boyfriend at the time.

What is the perfect second date?

My perfect second date would probably be something fun and exciting like going to an amusement park or something like that.

What celebrity would you love to smash the most, why?

Timothée Chalamet because I find him extremely attractive and he’s also kinda awkward and weird and it’s cute af.

Photo: AJ Ford

What is the strangest fan request you've received?

Someone asked me to make a strip tease video to Disney songs.

What are your biggest pet peeves about the adult industry?

Just that there is still a stigma and the industry itself is still taboo to a lot of people.

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August 31, 2021 — Andrew Christian
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