With the scandalous leak of the new Supreme Court opinion draft, Roe v. Wade seems to be in terminal danger. Unfortunately now in virtually half of America, abortion likely will soon become illegal. And not to be too alarmist, but we shouldn't think the erosion of our rights is going to stop there. Despite being overwhelmingly unpopular with the American people, the meticulously curated conservative Supreme Court seems poised to open the gates to take away so many more rights for so many more people such as gay marriage The draft opinion essentially says that an American's personal "right to privacy" does NOT include decisions regarding your own body. If the court is applying such a punishingly narrow definition of privacy, then conservatives may spring on the opportunity to overturn other flagship cases that helped afford other basic human rights, such as contraception and marriage equality. If the court takes a hatchet to Obergefell v. Hodges like they did Roe, then so many more years of brave civil rights battles will be undone with the stroke of a pen. Because sure, the constitution doesn't EXPLICITLY say that I have the right to go to bed with my husband, so such a court might argue THAT means it should be illegal! Of course, this is total nonsense... should the Bill of Rights detail exactly what kind of lube I'm allowed to use on whose cocks? I might have paid more attention in history class if it did! Naturally, due to the explosion of controversy resulting from this leak, the Justices have assured everyone that it's ~only an opinion~ and they're going to be ~very careful~ before they strip anyone of their rights. Boy, is that a relief!! In the meantime, maybe let's consider adding a few more Justices! At the very least, we must let them know that we're not going to give up our rights without a fight. Let your voice be heard and demand the codification of gay marriage into law.....while there is still time.
May 09, 2022 — Andrew Christian
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