Article written by Maya Vukovska

Why play with Barbie when you can play with Ken?

The COVID-19 pandemic, which confined people to their homes for almost two years, crashed millions of lives and ruined a lot of businesses. But not the business with sex dolls! Actually, the pandemics brought the sex doll industry to the verge of greatness. Statistics show that in 2020 and 2021, people were buying almost as many sex dolls as preschool toys and products for outdoor activities and sports!

The more conservative traditionalists may think that only a pervo or a psycho would buy a doll to have sex with it. But the motives why some people choose to purchase such a product go far beyond this dumb-down opinion.

Real person vs. sex doll

No one should be judged for having a sex doll. For one thing, a person may be struggling with being intimate with other people, and a silicone doll makes a passable surrogate for a sex partner.

Another reason to prefer a doll to a real person can be disappointment with previous relationships. A relationship with an inanimate partner is easy to navigate and the chance for complications is literally zero. You don’t have to worry about body flaws, STIs, birthday presents, in-laws, and tons of other things that come with any “normal” relationship.

Reason number three - humans masturbate. (I’ve seen a monkey masturbate, too, but that’s another story.) Self-stimulation is natural, healthy, and if you’re careful with your choice of playthings, also safe. Like any other sex toy, a doll can be an effective form of masturbation, only bigger and more elaborate than the standard toys.

Probably the most plausible motive to have a sex doll is a purely practical one. A sex doll is always there for you, it’s up for anything, and I mean, anything! It doesn’t borrow clothes from your wardrobe without asking, doesn’t judge you, doesn’t play annoying head games, and most importantly, you can be one hundred percent yourself with it.

A Ken can be your BFBF… but not if you are a straight gal

While the industry with female sex dolls has been thriving for years, the interest in male such hasn’t been that strong mostly because women find them a heavy workload. Literally! Some of the male dolls can weigh up to 135 pounds, and although there are some really strong women, we are talking about dead weight here. But there’s another problem in the market for straight women: male dolls can’t thrust, so the ladies have to do the whole work. And I ask, where’s the fun in that?

The industry took off once the enterprisers realized that gay men are a far better target market. They certainly have no problem with the doll's weight. Not with thrusting either, especially if they like to top.

The bionic penis is the future

So God created man in his own image, and man created sex dolls in his own image, too. Well, the first sex dolls were inflatable and ridiculously ugly, but still doable. Later, they were replaced by much more realistic, and more sophisticated ones. The silicone and the TPE dolls have certainly added to the customer's viewing pleasure and have made the sexual experience more authentic.

The question now is what the future holds for doll-lovers. Actually, the future looks quite promising. Sooner than expected, sex robots will replace silicone babes. The idea of the first male sex dolls fitted with AI “personality” was introduced back in 2018. That was great news not only for the straight women out there but also for those gay men who are into bottoming. A Californian company is now working on a new male robot with a bionic penis, which they promise to be “better than a vibrator.” As it is a plug-in doll, it can go as long as you can handle it. The bad news is that the first models may come quite expensive. The female versions, which are already on the market, cost a horny buyer roughly 15 grand!

But on the much brighter side, there’s no set size for the robot’s manhood! And remember - the guy will never cheat, spend your money, or expect you to like his mother.

May 11, 2022 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Gay Culture