Article written by Kendra Beltran

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there are some people out there who think breaking up before the holidays is the best plan because it not only gets them out of buying gifts for someone they are no longer feeling, but they also think it gives them a fresh start in the New Year. I mean, those reasons do make a lot of sense for those doing the breaking up but for those on the receiving in - it blows. Don’t get all sad as fuck though. This may not pertain to you and your bae, but...if they’re pulling any of the following bullshit, you may want to approach them before they blindside your ass and leave you all alone to be a ho, ho, ho.

Phone Always in Hand

This is something that can be a sign any time of year, but we’re going to mention it because hello - if they can’t put their phone down for you for a second what makes you think they’re going to want to sing jingle bells while juggling your balls on Christmas Eve?

They’re Making Plans That Don’t Involve You

The holidays are major when it comes to plans. Especially seeing family, and couples that have been together for more than a one night stand tend to want to do those things together. Your parents or mine is usually something we talk about with our partners around October to gear up for the holidays that are about to commence. If they have yet to ask you where you want to eat turkey and stand under the mistletoe though, that could indicate that they plan on heading out for not only the holidays alone but the relationship. If they haven’t mentioned your plans yet, the time is now because you don’t want to get to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and be standing in the kitchen cooking for one while they’re on their way to their family’s lakeside cabin.

Not Even One Mention of a Gift

Even if you’ve been with someone for as long as it takes Adele to put out new music, there is always talk of what gifts to exchange. At least hints made towards asking about what the other wants that year. If they have yet to even drop a clue though, that is a sign that they don’t want you getting them a damn thing because they don’t expect to be unwrapping anything with you anymore. Next time you’re just hanging out, ask them what they want this year and if they give you a stern “nothing” then it’s time to have that dreaded conversation.

They Asked Their Parents for Luggage

On the flip side, if you just so happened to see a message from their parents about them getting your partner some luggage - it could very well mean nothing more than they saw a sale and were getting him a responsible gift, or it could mean he needs more bags to get the hell up outta there and doesn’t want to deal with cardboard boxes because he’s heading somewhere far. Somewhere you ain’t about to be.

They Said No to Decorating

Who the hell says no to decorating for the holidays? Well, certain First Ladies and those who don’t plan on being around for said holidays, that’s who! If you both are known for your holiday decor and they all of a sudden “aren’t feeling like it” in terms of putting up the lights, stringing tinsel, or even hanging one string of lights - something is up.

Lease Is Up

A lot of leases on apartments tend to run their course towards the end of the year. If your partner wasn’t a total asshole, this would be the perfect time for them to peace out because while it would leave you with a broken heart, it wouldn’t leave you tied to a place you could no longer afford now that you’re down to one income.

November 10, 2020 — Andrew Christian