There’s been a lot of talk recently about this strange and mysterious movement happening on sites like Reddit. The so-called “No Fap” revolution posits that abstaining permanently from masturbation will result in clearer thinking, stronger mental health, better confidence, better sexual virility, and an overall better life (which is all very ironic because Reddit is a great place to go to to jerk off). But in all seriousness, is there any truth to this claim? I mean sure, sometimes you gotta do a week of no jerking off, but that’s just because then the next time you masturbate, it’s going to be so much more awesome. ;) In a way, the idea of No Fap makes sense. If you go cold turkey on masturbation, then you’re going to have to find some other way of getting your fix. And that increased testosterone and oxytocin are going to make you more determined to get it. But when that energy isn’t just unloaded in the form of cum all over your stomach, it instead can be alchemically transmuted into creating a piece of art, achieving a goal, or just actual real sex. One wonders though how much these supposed detrimental aspects of “fapping” could more accurately be attributed to porn-watching. Issues with intimacy can absolutely be associated with an excess of porn consumption. But say, for example, I jerk off simply using my imagination? Is that against the rules? I’m not going to prescribe that everyone reading this abstain from masturbation forever, but if you’re curious why not give it a trial run. Try to go a month or two without masturbating and see if you get any super powers. And hey, if not, at least at the end of it, the jerk-off sess is going to straight-up out of this world. ;)
November 10, 2020 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips