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Sir JET’s look is instantly recognizable. With that impossibly chiseled body, perfectly sculpted ass, and classically handsome face, he has pioneered the way we look at gender norms in the bedroom. With that masculine look, he combines his effortless matching of feminine costumes and lingerie.

In addition to being a fixture in the adult film world, he is a musician and YouTube vlogger. As a former agoraphobic mute, he used music to literally reclaim his voice. His debut album, Empowered Bottom, chronicles the emotional and physical journey he went through in getting into the adult industry. He uses his YouTube videos to promote inclusivity and break down gender norms, showing that the male body can be beautiful in anything you put on it, including women’s clothing.

He stopped by for this Andrew Christian exclusive to chat about the adult film world, his first sexual experience, and gender-bending in the bedroom.

What inspired you to get into the business?

I had this crazy idea that I could reinvent myself back in 2016 as “the pop star of gay porn.” I didn’t act on it right away, I debated it for about a year. But somehow in my mind, I came up with this way to make music again by getting the funds from doing porn and then justifying it by making a porn-themed album.

What was your first sexual experience like?

I was dating a guy in college and we were taking a bath together and making out, and I decided to put his dick up my booty hole to see what all the fuss was about. I said, “Ouch that hurts! Why do people like this so much!?” We got out of the bath and got into bed. He lubricated up, got me into a better position, and stuck it in again. “Oh! I see now!” I said, and I have not been able to stop sticking men’s phalluses up my butt ever since. #yaaskweenwerk

How have you changed the most since getting into the biz?

I’ve had to look a lot more at the gay community online than I did before getting into gay porn. I did not realize that so many people in the gay community are bottom shamers. I never had to see the perspective that being a bottom was a bad thing. I’ve been criticized quite a bit for being a bottom and having zero desire to be verse. That’s how I came up with the title for my album, Empowered Bottom. In this process, I had to find a way back to self-confidence after so many tried to break me down for simply being myself, and so I came up with that expression as a way to feel good about who I was again, and to say to others, “be yourself, and don’t worry so much about what others think, for their opinions don’t matter in the greater scheme of things.”

What does your stage name mean?

JET is my initials: Joel Evan Tye. At the time I got the stage name back in 2010, the people managing me were huge fans of British history, and so they gave me the name “Sir” to mean “a knight in shining armor.” I’ve kept the name because I feel really connected to the idea that I’m always defending the weak and fighting for what I believe in: self-acceptance.

How have you liked filming your own content for OnlyFans/JustForFans?

I love filming my own content because there are no rules in terms of how I present myself. If I want to wear heels, paint my nails pink, etc., there’s no contract to say I can’t. I love being able to create porn as my authentic self.

What was the strangest/craziest thing you bought online during COVID?

When the gyms shut down, I found this jump rope made out of military rope on Instagram. The idea was it was heavy that it was supposed to be like weighted cardio. What the company sent me was just a regular cloth jump rope like the ones you see school children use at recess in old movies. When I emailed the company to exchange it for what I actually ordered, they said I could mail it to an address all the way in China for a refund. I wasn’t going to pay to send a cheap jump rope back to China, so I just threw it away!

What does being gender fluid mean to you?

Gender fluid to me means being comfortable with the idea that I am not one gender. My whole life I’ve been aware that I am a boy, but subconsciously I think I’m a girl. In other words, I consciously know I have a man’s body, but it feels natural to me to be referred to by others as female, and anything a woman is allowed to wear, I feel like I have a right to wear it as well. I physically like my male body, which was something I had to learn because as a child I hated it, but psychologically it feels more natural to me to be female.

Have you experienced any resistance from fans, studios, or costars for your gender-fluid expression?

There are rumors that certain actors and directors refuse to work with me because they hate fems. As I said, they are rumors, but there have been a few situations where I was rejected and it would not surprise me if that was the reason. Some men (and women) are just insecure and fearful of the feminine male, and honestly, it is more their problem than mine.

What is a typical day like for you?

I get up around sunrise, get ready, and go to the gym. I often get very into my workouts and end up being there for three hours or so. Then I eat a big meal and go to work. I am the main closer for a Starbucks kiosk in a grocery store. Everyone tells me I’m the hunkiest barista they’ve ever seen, and I make a lot of tips for it! Then I come home and pass out. Every so often though I get to travel to film content. Ideally, I’d love to earn enough doing porn to quit my day job, but having a daily routine is good for my health.

What's currently happening in the love and romance department for you?

I’ve honestly never dated anyone. Nobody has ever gotten that close to me before. But I hope someday I can get on that level with someone.

What tips do you have for someone wanting to explore their gender-fluid side in the bedroom?

Find what you love and experiment with it. Find clothes and shoes that entice you and play dress-up again as you did as a child. Recapture that childhood innocence as you once had and see yourself as beautiful in everything you try on.

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christians, what would they look like?

My favorite Andrew Christian underwear were the jockstraps with the pocket that would lift your privates in the front, and then the straps in the back would slightly lift and squeeze your butt cheeks together like a push-up bra. I would take that design and do a double-layered pink lace front, putting a little pink bow at the top center, with a matching pink harness with little pink bows on each arm

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October 21, 2021 — Andrew Christian
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