Listen up, guys with extremely tiny penises! Here’s a hip new fetish that is exclusively reserved for you. Sorry guys with big and / or normal-sized penises, but you've got plenty of other fetishes! So, as with all outlandish, exotic, and extra steamy fetishes, we at this blog will scrutinize the ins, outs, dos and don’ts in executing the perfect enactment of this fetish. Oh, what’s it called? SPH, or Small Penis Humiliation. If the Gay Gods happened to bless you with a micropenis, there’s a possibility that you’ve experienced this firsthand, outside the realm of fetish. Alas, the world can be cruel, and men can be scathing of penises on the short end of the ruler. Having someone reject you just for a body part can be traumatizing and is never cool to do, but that’s where this fetish comes in! Turn the tables on your accusers and take sexual gratification from being told that you’re inadequate in anatomy! In practice, this fetish involves the guy verbally harassing, teasing, humiliating, and possibly even cuckolding him for another guy with a bigger dick. In a world where men with small penises are often told they’re sexually inadequate, this fetish provides an exciting context for their type of cock. It’s only natural fetishize this situation. Surely this is unhealthy though, right? Well, despite the dark themes, if someone has these urges, it’s usually better to express them rather than suppress them. But like all of the more outlandish fetishes, indulging in them requires a bit more tact and caution. If you want to engage in some real-life SPH, make sure it’s with someone you love and trust. Any when the roleplay scenario is over, make sure they remind you are NOT in fact inferior to anyone because of the size of your penis. I’m all for fun, zany, twisted kinks, but I’m just saying, hey maybe next time let’s have fetish that’s small penis compliments. Do a roleplay where a micropenis is worshipped for its purity and minute scale. I’m just saying that the only limit here is your imagination. Hell, how about fetish where guys are humiliated for having big dicks? Ew, look at that disgusting massive throbbing cock. Wait, no, you’re right, it doesn’t work with big dicks. ;)
August 24, 2023 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips