There’s lots of different kinds of dicks in the world. Big dicks, small dicks. Short dicks, and fat dicks. Chodes, pencils, pythons, and boas. They come in all shapes and sizes, but at the end of the day, there are fundamentally two main kinds of penises: cut and uncut. The moment a locker room full of hunks pulls down their jockstraps, a line has been drawn in the sand. The haves and have-nots. But are cut and uncut cocks really so different? Remember that only some parts of the world even engage in the practice of circumcision--mainly places influenced by Judeo-christian and Islamic thought. The original idea behind removing the foreskin of a child was that it would be a symbol for his covenant with God. Nowadays, most people get their kids cut for other reasons. Whether it just be because it’s considered the socially correct thing to do, or for reasons such as hygiene and aesthetic. The argument against circumcision tends to question the ethics of performing unnecessary medical operations on an unconsenting child. What right do we have to determine if this kid gets a foreskin or not? That should be a decision left to the child when he comes of age, critics say. But, until the debate is resolved, we live in a world of cuts and uncuts. And like other superficial differences, we can let these unite us or divide us. Sure, a given individual is entitled to preferences in particular dick styles. However, no one should feel like their cock is either mutilated and in-need of fixing. The differences in dicks is what makes them beautiful. If every cock looked the same, then we wouldn’t even be able to tell them apart. Love the cock you have, whether it’s cut, uncut, or somewhere in between. ;)
September 12, 2018 — Andrew Christian