Article written by Maya Vukovska

Although some gays have years of sexual experience as either bottom or top, they are reluctant to switch when it comes to penetrating and being penetrated. They are so comfortable with the position they’ve ascribed to themselves that they will say “no” every time their partner asks to take turns. Of course, if someone likes playing catcher rather than pitcher, it’s absolutely their right to stick to their preference. But why not go for a swim in the waters of versatility at least once in your life? It’s rewarding, it’s liberating, and it’s definitely fun.

Be honest with yourself

You’ve probably always wanted to change your routine. But somewhere along the way, you found yourself stuck in your current sexual pattern, and now you think it’s pointless or just too much trouble to change it. To which we say, ‘Hell no!’ Flip fucking is absolutely worth the try! People start learning Japanese at 60, so what stops you from becoming an astronaut… or versatile, for that matter at any age? Admitting to yourself that you might actually like being a switch in bed is the first step to becoming one.

It’s about democracy

People usually correlate bottoming and topping with submissiveness/vulnerability and dominance/control. However, power dynamics in gay sex is not a plain ‘either-or’ thing; it rather falls along the spectrum. If you are always the top, and you decide to go bottom for once, it doesn’t mean that you give your power and ‘abdicate’ your authority in bed. It’s more about taking your partner’s perspective and willingness to experience sex in a different way. If you embrace democracy, being a switch can be your way to communicate it. Versatile partners are more equal and that’s due to the fact that there’s a lot less power-play involved in the relationship. Or the casual fuck, doesn’t matter.

Top him from the bottom

If you prefer penetrating and have never considered the other option, let us enlighten you about how you can actually top your partner while being the bottom. This technique is called ‘power bottoming’, and it’s easy to master. The power bottom is not just lying lifelessly on his stomach and let the other do the work. Instead, he’s controlling the thrusting rhythm, and gives directions: “Wow, wow, slow down, you stud, it’s not a rally and my ass is not a gas pedal!”, or “A little more to the right! Oh yes, it’s right there!”

Bring some ‘mind sex’ into play

If you are still uncomfortable about switching positions with your partner, you might consider role playing. Practice has shown that taking on roles during foreplay and sex can be a massive boundaries-breaker for both the top and the bottom. Imagining you’re someone else and that your playmate is someone else can work wonders on your mind and help you get rid of your sexual prejudices and anxieties.

The best of both worlds

Being a switch offers you the best of both worlds on a plate. It’s a fact that switches get more sex than the average bottoms and tops. Just do the math - literally every gay man is a potential lover!

Besides, if you’re lucky and assiduous, changing positions during a sexual act may even reward you with more than one orgasm. Having an orgasm as a bottom will certainly feel different than having one as a top, and if that’s not a bonus we don’t know what is!

Being a switch in bed is all about combining roles to create something special and enjoyable. Plus, it is probably the best sexual arrangement in any gay relationship. So, dear friend, if you’re fed up with getting boned by your lover, don’t ask him for a break! Just flip him over and fuck his brains out. Then switch again. And repeat the exercise as many times as you like.

May 22, 2020 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips