As I wipe the jizz off my stomach, I sit here at my computer and ponder through post-nut clarity: what is the ideal masturbation schedule? When we were teens, we did it too much and ruined dozens of socks in the process. Conversely, today we see those "no-fap" weirdos who believe that abstaining permanently from a natural physiological process is going to give them superpowers (psst boys, the issue is your porn addiction, not masturbation). So, is there a happy middle ground? Or does it all depend? Let's ponder this question before my post-nut clarity wears off and I get horny again! The single biggest factor to consider when planning your upcoming week of masturbation is, are you in a relationship or not? If you're single and trying to find a man, then you truly must be strategic with your jerking off. You don't want to be drooling and seem over-eager on your first date. But also, if you do end up hooking up with a guy, it may be advantageous to be as horny as you possibly can. Sex is obviously more pleasurable if you haven't cum in a long time, but it also tends to last not nearly as long. Ideally, you want your refractory periods to be in sync so no one is left high and dry. But where does masturbation fit into the life a gay man who is happily married or in a steady relationship? Well, common wisdom would suggest you never need to masturbate if you got a man to do it for you. But this is not precisely the case. You shouldn't feel shame for squeezing out an occasional nut here and there. Masturbation can relieve stress and allow you to do things / engage in fantasies that can't do with your partner. Of course, if you're not honest with him about touching yourself then it can feel like cheating. It's all relative, baby. Some super-high testosterone guys may need to cum five times a day or they will start tossing furniture across the room. Some guys prefer to cum only once a week to keep their libido high. COVID has rendered maintaining your ideal masturbation schedule difficult, because frankly... there's not much else to do. Right now we're granting you a free pass to jerk off as much as you want. But once you get vaccinated and this whole things come to an end, it's time to wean yourself off worshipping OnlyFans bussy and get some real meat back on the menu! So, is it realistic to actually schedule your masturbation sessions in advance? Probably not. But even if you designate specific calendars days as cum days, we all know that sex is more fun when you're breaking the rules!
January 19, 2021 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips