Article written by Sam Machado

Why do we love spanking? Too many reasons to explain!

For all the men who love a hot ass, there’s something about smacking it that makes the moment so much hotter. There are multiple times in your hookup when you can reach back there and give that ass a nice smack. When you’re making out, you can just grab his butt and give it a light hit to get both of you more worked up. Whether it’s a nice fondle or a playful spank, you want to tell him that you’re about to do some bad things to him. A nice spank is your way of saying “that ass is all mine!”

When it gets to the point where you’re doing that guy from behind, he’s in the position that turns you on the most. He’s bent over with that ass out and it looks too good NOT to smack it. It’s ready to be taken advantage of and that ass is now your property. Sometimes, you smack it in a fun and cute way, then you smack it in a HARD way. Whichever one that both of you enjoy, spanking his ass is the way to get everyone turned on for more.

Another reason we love spanking? Because it’s something deemed as painful and pleasurable at the same time. It might hurt a little, but in a way that says you’re in for something exciting. When you’re about to fuck a hot guy, the message of spanking says: “It’s going to get wild in here, but you’re going to love it.”

Sometimes, just feeling the ass isn’t enough- it needs to be dominated and destroyed when your cock is about to ram inside. But it needs more than a pounding- it needs hands too!

There’s also the element of surprise if you’re the one who’s about to be spanked. You’re making out, touching each other in various regions, then all of a sudden, you feel a nice slap on your behind without seeing it coming. Sometimes, it’s that unexpected signal of control that makes the sex more fun.

Let’s also remember the other part of spanking that makes it so hot- the sound! Hearing that “smack” is a huge turn-on and can make your bottom (or top) scream for more. It’s also really hot when you spank your guy while he rides you and he tells you to do it again.

There’s also the whole dom-sub concept when you’re up for some kinky roleplay. If you want to play teacher-student, you can demand that when your pupil has been a naughty boy, he needs to bend over for some punishment. You pull out your hands, paddles, floggers, or anything else you’re both going to love for some nasty slapping.

Do you like it nice and soft? Or, do you want a blazing red mark? Either way, use those hands well. That ass is ready for some smacking.

November 24, 2021 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips