Hey there, cosmic fashionistas! We're back with this month's fabulous guide to help you choose the perfect pair of undies based on your zodiac sign. Your astrological sign can reveal a lot about your personality, so let's explore which ANDREW CHRISTIAN® underwear aligns best with your star-studded aura. There's some crazy things happening in the stars this August, so get ready to embrace your cosmic style!

Aries: ALMOST NAKED® Hang-Free Boxer

As a bold and confident Aries, you need underwear that matches your fierce energy. The ALMOST NAKED® Hang-Free Boxer is perfect for you. Its sporty design and bold pouch provide the comfort you crave but keeps your fire burning strong.

Taurus: ALMOST NAKED® Athletic Jock

Practical and dependable, the ALMOST NAKED® Athletic Jock suits your Taurus nature. Its moisture-wicking fabric keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable, making it ideal for any physical activity. Plus, the stylish design shows off your sophisticated taste.

Gemini: Optical Arch Jock w/ ALMOST NAKED®

As a Gemini, you love versatility and having options. Optical Arch Jock w/ ALMOST NAKED® is a black-and-white two-in-one wonder, providing both a classic brief style and the enhancing Almost Naked pouch for extra comfort and support. It's the perfect match for your duality.

Cancer: Flower Power Mesh Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED®

As a sensitive and caring Cancer, you need underwear that embraces your emotions. The Flower Power Mesh Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED® is the perfect way for you keep peace a chance while still being sexy. It's a match made in underwear heaven.

Leo: UNLEASHED Garter Mesh Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED®

As a confident and attention-grabbing Leo, you need underwear that demands to be seen. The new UNLEASHED Garter Mesh Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED® is perfect for showing off your assets while keeping you supported and comfortable. Work it, honey, you're a true star!

Virgo: CoolFlex Active Modal Brief w/ SHOW-IT®

Practical and analytical, the CoolFlex Modal Show-It Brief is just what your Virgo soul needs. Its classic design and innovative Show-It technology ensure you're always at your best, feeling comfortable and confident.

Libra: Viceroy Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED®

As a charming and social Libra, you need underwear that complements your magnetic personality. The Viceroy Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED® exudes confidence and sex appeal, making you the center of attention wherever you go.

Scorpio: FUKR Access Mesh Boxer w/ ALMOST NAKED®

Passionate and intense, the FUKR Access Mesh Boxer w/ ALMOST NAKED® suits your Scorpio nature. Its bold design and enhancing pouch provide the perfect combination of sexiness and comfort, letting your intensity shine through.

Sagittarius: Cabana Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED®

Adventurous and free-spirited, the Cabana Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED® totally captures your Sagittarius essence. With its playful print and supportive fit, it's perfect for embracing your bold and colorful personality.

Capricorn: ALMOST NAKED® Hang-Free Brief

Ambitious and disciplined, the ALMOST NAKED® Hang-Free Brief is just what your Capricorn spirit needs. Its sleek design and supportive features keep you focused and in control.

Aquarius: Zig Zag Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED®

Innovative yet fun, the Zig Zag Brief w/ ALMOST NAKED® celebrates your Aquarius individuality. Its stunning pattern design and unique colors speak to your romantic and unconventional nature.

Pisces: ALMOST NAKED® Retro Brief

As a dreamy and empathetic Pisces, the Almost Naked Cotton Boxer is the ideal match for you. Its soft, breathable fabric provides comfort, while the retro low-rise cut adds a touch of uniqueness. There you have it, darlings! Let your zodiac sign guide you to the perfect pair of Andrew Christian undies that aligns with your cosmic essence. Embrace your true self and show the world the fabulous star you are!
August 03, 2023 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Fashion