Article by Corey Wright

Did you this was a thing? Not choking your chicken for 30 days as a challenge to your sheer will? Believe it or not, men all over the world are giving up spewing their sweet and salty man juice. Here are the rules:

No masturbating for 30 days...or you’re out.
No sex for 30 days...or you’re out.
Only one wet dream in 30 days...or you’re out.

You can watch and indulge in porn and live displays of sexual activity. You can sext. You can even suck someone off. (Insert devilish grin here...mostly because I made that up for personal reasons.) You just can’t cum. Now before you get your jockstraps in a knot, don’t. Did you know that there are actual scientific benefits to not cumming for a month? Bypass the sexual frustration you may feel -- you’re a solid guy who can get over that easily with game of basketball, a night run, or a painting class -- and follow me on a cum-less journey. Here are 5 wonderful benefits of jailin’ your jizz:

Benefit #1: You’ll become a little more social.

When you spank your monkey, you tend to “have everything you need.” You’re good, but if you keep that valve closed, you’re more like to want to go out and going out means meeting people or going out with people.

Benefit #2: You’ll have more time.

Between finding the right porn to which to jack off (even if you have a favorite’s list), getting the towel and the lube set up, getting comfortable, positioning your body, clicking the screen, poppers, and flat out wanting the session to last a bit so you feel it, time’s a tickin’. A simple fap fest could turn into a 20-minute ordeal. For you blokes that choke two times a day that’s near an hour and over four-and-a-half waking hours a week. Seven. That’s enough time to write your senator and get through 4 episodes of ‘West World.”

Benefit #3: You’ll become more attractive.

You think I’m bullshittn’ you. I’m not. Semen contains testosterone. Testosterone promotes secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass and the growth of body hair. When that shit happens, heads start turning. Keep your seed for 30 days. See what happens. I wonder if drinking loads gives you more testosterone. (I’ll say yes. Remember, that I’m not a doctor.)

Benefit #4: Your sex’ll be better.

“Wait. Wait. Wait. Didn’t you just say that I couldn’t shoot for 30 days?” Yes, but after 30 “cums” 31, and on 31 you can have all the sex. Imagine what that load would be like. How hard you’d come. How much you’d cum. How ready you are you sow your oats...wherever. To add to it, you’ll become aware of your body and more in tune and what that means is that any fear you have of shooting your load too soon may dissipate. And let’s face it -- you might wanna go back for seconds.

Benefit #5: You’ll feel better about yourself.

While some men are riddled with guilt after they spunk it out and they contemplate most life decisions while looking for tissue, their cum rag, or baby wipes, there is nothing wrong with masturbating for all intents and purposes. So grab your dick and work it. BUT going 30 days and resisting the urges to beat the fuck outta your meat (for a lot of you) three times a day is good for your psyche. At the end of 30 days you’ll be able to say that your will power is in tact. That you know how to control your sexual urges. That you don’t HAVE to do anything. That you are in control. And that’s a beautiful thing especially in a world where things are running amok.

So...have at it by not having at it. Sure, this month is a little over half over, but you can start Don’t Drip December on the 1st. And just for fun, go back to this article and count the cum and masturbation references.