Shower sex has a reputation as being really hot in theory but in practice only leading to bruised elbows and chaffing. The truth is these are avoidable pitfalls, not necessary evils of the act. So if you’re trying to spice up your sex life with an unorthodox locale, don’t give up on the shower! By taking the right precautions, you can have steamy and safe shower sex.

1. Use silicon-based lube, not soap

While lathering up your partner’s rock-hard bod with soap is one of the most rewarding parts of sexy-time in the shower, but careful not to go overboard. Soap is great for cleaning, but not for lube. Make sure you’re using plenty of something silicon-based, or it’s going to get rough and stingy.

2. Don’t fall

Shower sex can be downright dangerous. When there’s two horny men tussling in what’s essentially a slippery closet, you’re destined to wind up with some bruises. Rather than trying to hold him up on the glass upside-down, stick to positions that are conducive for maintaining balance. (Think both feet firmly planted on the ground.) Nothing kills the mood like a concussion.

3. Consider laying down or sitting

Though it may be unintuitive at first, try sitting or laying down in the shower. Even boring old positions can take on a new flair in this context. Just make sure you clean the floor first.

4. Get a shower mat

This one cannot be stressed enough. Invest in on the those rubber shower mats that goes inside the shower. This will help prevent slipping as well as provide cushioning for anyone who may end up on their knees.

5. Use it for foreplay

Although one of the pleasures of shower sex is that it cleans up after itself, you may want to consider using the shower just for foreplay. Washing each other is a great way to tease and build anticipation. I guarantee you won’t have time to dry off before he can’t take it any longer. ;)