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Article written by Kendra Beltran

The easiest thing one can do to be safe from COVID-19 is rock a cute mask, but that still seems to be an issue for so many people and we’re not sure why. Remember those hot ass dudes from ‘Mortal Kombat,’ Sub-Zero and Scorpion? Total dominatrix vibe from those two hot pieces of ass, and you know what? They rocked masks and we’re pretty sure everyone would want to be as sexy as two of the hottest video game characters to ever have existed. Other than wearing masks and ensuring the safety of those around you, there are other ways to remain sexy as fuck AND remain safe during this global pandemic.

Hand Lotion

Washing your hands 20 seconds every damn time you walk in the house after you’ve run some essential (and let’s face it non-essential too because we’re all bored as fuck sitting at home) errand can leave your hands as dry as the vajayjays in a retirement home. That’s not cute. We know you aren’t going to be holding hands or stroking dicks anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can go around with gator-hands. Invest in a really nice hand lotion and put that right next to the soap in your bathroom. Make it a routine you stick to because once you’re able to go back to the club and meet all of them men, you don’t want to introduce yourself with a rough ass paw for a hand.


Who would have guessed that when Tyra Banks taught the world to smize, we’d be using it because of a pandemic? Yeah, not us. With the bottom portion of our faces covered by masks, it’s hard to express our full emotion, especially when trying to catch the eye of a hot piece of ass in the produce section. Usually, we’d have our whole face, but now we need to rely on just our eyes to initiate the first step of our sexy flirtations. Ways to increase your eye-game? Start with an eye cream to do away with any imperfections creeping up around your peepers.

Utilize Home Workouts

Back in March when the world hit pause, it was hard to be motivated to workout, but now? The grace period is over. There is no excuse why you can’t come out of this with a rocking ass body. Especially since you can’t go out that much. YouTube has workouts galore, and you can always go jogging while still remaining six-feet from everyone else outside your home.

Text, Call, or Zoom

Meeting people in real life is cool, but why not strengthen your communication skills in other ways? Sharpen up your ways when it comes to sexting, utilizing your voice, or making love to the camera. Anyone can get a guy hard in person, but it takes an extra amount of sexy to be able to pull it off while maintaining social distancing.

Cover Your Nose

There are those who don’t wear a mask out in public, and they are the least sexy people on earth right now. Then there are those who do and look hot because there is nothing sexier right now than respecting safety guidelines. Then we have those who have masks but for some reason don’t cover their nose, and like... honey, what you doin’? That ain’t cute and you look a mess. It’s like having your whole outfit on point and then walking out of the house in your dad’s chunky, dirty white shoes he mows the lawn in. Like, what? If you’re going to look hot wearing a mask, you have got to wear it right and tight!

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