There's nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality and trying new things. In fact, we always encourage it! But sometimes, what sounds hot and steamy in theory or in porn may not quite live up to the hype in reality. So, let's dive in, shall we? Here's our top five kinks that you might not actually enjoy once you try them.

Size Queen

Everybody loves seeing big dicks swinging around in porn or seeing guys take massive dildos in their asses. In the gay community, there's often this sense that the bigger the cock, the better and with no upper limit. But if you've ever been in a relationship with a guy who's, say, twelve inches, then you'll know that after a while you may be wishing his dick was more average. The fact of the matter is, giant dicks are cumbersome, hurt your butthole, and can cause gaping assholes that aren't necessarily pleasant--and sucking them can feel like an impossible task. Many guys agree that average-sized or even small dicks are ideal in most ways.


Some guys think choking and asphyxiation are hot. Depriving one's self from oxygen can make things more intense, and the brutal domination aspect seems exciting for some. But in reality, choking can be dangerous, unpleasant, and downright scary. Choking can cause all kinds of unwanted side effects, such as a hoarse voice, broken blood vessels, or (obviously) even death by suffocation! Most guys find that the extreme cons to this kink make it not worth bringing outside the realm of fantasy.


Threesomes and group sex seem to be a ubiquitous kink within the gay community, but often they're not all they're cracked up to be. Fantasizing about being fucked by two guys as once might be nice in theory, but in practice you're introducing a whole new world of uncomfortable social dynamics.--jealousy, envy, embarrassment, and more are prone to occur. It's hard enough to find one guy who you get along with--two or more is a miracle! All it takes is one bad experience for you and you'll swear off threesomes for life.

Car Sex

Ah, car sex. Whether it's road head, handjobs in the passenger seat, or good old fucking in the back seat, car sex sounds super hot and risky, but in reality it's simply not worth it. Cramped, cumbersome, and downright dangerous, fucking in a car is a pain in the ass in more ways than one. We chock it up alongside the likes of beach sex. Hot in theory, but in practice you'll try it once and probably never want to do it again.

Water Sports

Finally, some guys fantasize about indulging in golden showers, but quickly learn it's not something they're really into it. Getting peed on can be hot in a domination/submission power dynamic, but as soon as you get that first taste of dehydrated yellow piss, you might quickly sober up. Or not! Maybe you really are a truly kinky bastard, and after trying each of these kinks you'll just crave them even more. 😉 So, there you have it, queens--some kinks you may not actually have once you try them. Remember, sex is all about communication, respect, and consent. Don't feel pressured to try anything that doesn't feel right for you. Find what works for you and your partner, and slay that bedroom game!
April 12, 2023 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Sex Tips