Agatha, I'm in a bit of an awkward situation regarding my boyfriend's understanding of assholes--well, my asshole in particular. Broden, who's bisexual and only been with women before, doesn't quite grasp that intimacy with men is different, especially when it comes to anal sex. He often demands it without prior notice, as if it's the same as vaginal sex and a some light foreplay is all I need before I can take him. How can I help him understand the differences between an asshole and vagina? Love, Adam
My dearest Adam, Start by having an honest conversation with your boyfriend, my dear. Choose a moment when you both can engage in a calm and open dialogue about your feelings and needs. Embrace this as an opportunity to share your perspective and educate him on the differences between anal and vaginal sex. Remember, darling, that your partner's lack of understanding likely stems from a lack of experience. Approach this conversation with empathy, emphasizing that same-sex intimacy has its own set of considerations, needs, and pleasures that deserve respect and attention. And if that fails, I would recommend that he tries getting fucked in the ass. That should be pretty demonstrative! XOXO, Agatha 💋
August 15, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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