Hey, Agatha!

I need your fabulous advice on a rather awkward incident that occurred. I accidentally walked in on my coworker while he was, well, engaged in a private moment. I walked into his office without knocking and there he was stroking himself. I was only there for a moment but we locked eyes and in that instant he came... I'm not sure how to handle it. Yes, I should have knocked... but he probably shouldn't be doing that at work, right? What should I do, darling?

Seeking a Discreet Solution.


Boundaries, my dear, are the pillars that uphold a harmonious work environment. It's important to navigate this accidental encounter with respect and discretion. In this particular case, discretion is key. Consider the implications of sharing this incident with others, as it could potentially embarrass or humiliate your coworker. It's important to remember that what we stumble upon in unexpected moments should be treated with sensitivity.

My advice, my dear Hank, is to let it be and keep this encounter to yourself. We all have our private moments, and it's crucial to respect each other's boundaries and personal space. By keeping this incident discreet, you demonstrate your professionalism and integrity.

However, it's also important to maintain a level of professionalism in your interactions moving forward. Treat your coworker with the same respect and courtesy you always have, maintaining a healthy working relationship.

If you find that the incident has created discomfort or awkwardness between you and your coworker, address it delicately and directly. Choose a private moment to express that you unintentionally stumbled upon their private moment and that you understand the need for personal boundaries.

Remember, darling, that accidents happen, and it's how we handle them that defines our character. Embrace this as an opportunity to practice empathy and understanding, fostering a workplace environment where privacy and respect are cherished.

So, my love, navigate this situation with grace, discretion, and a commitment to professionalism. Let your actions speak volumes about your character and your respect for personal boundaries. With a little understanding, we can create a work environment that celebrates both individuality and discretion.

Sending you grace, discretion, and the power to handle delicate situations with fierce elegance,

Agatha 💋

July 14, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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