Dear Agatha, I'm in an awkward situation, to say the least. I was back visiting my hometown for a family wedding and doing a bit of swiping while I was there, but then I got a... strange notification on my app. Someone I knew viewed my profile, and by that I meant I mean it was my uncle who is also currently staying at the same house I am. I'm 100% sure it's him because on this profile has a full face pic (among other pictures) and his username is literally his name in first real life. I'm kind of stressing about this because I'm in the closet with my family and really hoping this interaction won't out me. Help me, Agatha! What should I do? Sincerely, Sid
Dear Sid, This is a sticky situation, but your best bet is to follow your intuition. Only you know the type of person your uncle is and whether he would out you like that. I think your best option is to invite him out for coffee and just talk things over. Explain your concerns and and just discuss the situation like adults. With any luck, doing this will likely strengthen your relationship and provide you with what seems like your only gay ally in a family I assume is not too accepting of LGBTQ people. If you really don't want to come out just yet, then do tread lightly and be cautious, and this situation does carry the potential to expose both you and him, if he's not already out. Act quickly and good luck! XOXO, Agatha
March 16, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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