Hey, Agatha! I've got quite the dilemma that's left me scratching my head, and I'm not talking about my penis. I have this particular kink that's an absolute turn-on when things get steamy, and really nothing compares. Without boring you with nitty gritty, basically I'm obsessed with the smell of man-funk. The sweatier, dirtier and nastier he is, the better--and I want my face ALL up in there. But the moment after I've reached the peak of passion, I'm suddenly hit with post-nut clarity, and it's like a bucket of ice-cold water. I'm left utterly disgusted by the very scents that brought me pleasure just moments ago! What on earth is going on, and how do I manage this rollercoaster ride of desire and repulsion? Love,
Kink Conundrum King Dearest King, Consider your post-coital repulsion as your inner diva having a dramatic moment, darling! The key here is not to be too hard on yourself; desires and preferences can be fluid, and what turns you on one moment may not in the next. To manage this rollercoaster, start by exploring your kink in a lighthearted and open-minded way. Embrace it as part of your sexual repertoire, understanding that it's perfectly okay for your desires to shift and change. Remember, my love, you're not defined by a single kink or fetish. You are a multifaceted gem of desires and passions. Celebrate your sexuality and the delightful quirks that make you uniquely you. It's normal to no longer be aroused after having an orgasm. If you find yourself questioning your desires, take a moment to chuckle at the complexity of human sexuality. It's a delightful mix of the unpredictable and the whimsical. So, my love, embrace the journey of desire, even if it includes a few loops and twists along the way. Laugh at your inner diva's dramatic moments, and sashay through the world of kinks with confidence and a wink XOXO, Agatha
September 29, 2023 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Ask Agatha