Dear Agatha, My hubby and I have had one long blissful marriage… until recently, that is. This otherwise perfect matrimony got caught one little snag. Specifically, I’m talking about my penis. I am not what you would call *ahem* well-endowed. My penis is about 3.75 inches hard. Now, this has never been a problem for us sexually. But the thing is, I am the only man that my husband has ever slept with in his life. Myself, on the other hand, have had an arguably innumerable quantity of sexual partners before tying the knot. Listen, I’m an open-minded, free-spirited guy. Do I owe to him to get fucked by a guy with a bigger dick? Sincerely, Tiny Tim
Dear Tim, If you’re even asking this question, then you must suspect that your husband indeed does want to have sex with a man with a bigger dick. If in fact that is the case and you support it, then you should have an open, honest conversation with him. Talk about how you want the dicking to go down in a way that this event doesn’t ruin your relationship. Are you going full cuckold with this? Or is the big-dicked man acting more as surrogate? Consider getting involved yourself and make it a three-way. Unless you’ve got a kink for humiliation, tread cautiously. XOXO, Agatha
August 11, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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