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Article written by Maya Vukovska

We call it seed, cum, boner milk, jizz… When we get horny, the semen, which contains up to 500 million sperm cells, is pushed out of a penis head through the urethra. That’s common knowledge. Yet, semen remains as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. There are a lot of myths, from the amount of cum to sperm quality that people around the world still believe. If you are one of those who are convinced that semen has the nutrition value of a protein shake, then, my friend, it’s time for you to get educated. Here are 7 things about sperm and semen you should stop believing.

1. The thicker, the more potent

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes your semen is thicker than usual and that makes you think you’ve become more potent or something. Actually, the thickness depends on the length of stimulation, that is, the more time you’ve spent playing with your dick before cumming, the thicker the semen.

2. It tastes like what you eat

Yes and no. A healthy diet affects in a positive way your overall health status, and it’s also true that a daily diet on processed food and pop soda will make your sperm “lethargic”, as it doesn’t get enough “fuel” to liven up. But no matter what you eat, the taste of your semen is quite unlikely to change. Not that it doesn’t happen at all, it’s just that taste change is rarely detectable for most people. So, next time when you’re having sex, do not try to convince your partner that your jizz’s going to taste like a pineapple!

3. Clothing doesn’t matter

On the contrary, it does! If you’re used to wearing skinny jeans and briefs that are too tight, that might effect your fertility, and that’s not good news for someone who’s planning to become a dad. Sperm require a certain temperature balance to “work” properly. Clothes and underwear that compress and squeeze the balls, holding them too close to the body raise their internal temperature and make them less functional. And if you have an excessively sweaty crotch, you’d better go commando! Your future kid will thank you for that.

4. Sperm can live for days

We understand why you gross out at the thought that your female roommate may get pregnant if she goes pee after you’ve cum all over the toilet seat, but here’s a word of scientific wisdom for you: Sperm cannot live on sheets, towels, cloths, skin and other surfaces for more than a few brief moments. It can, though, live happily inside the uterus for up to 4-5 days, and that’s why a woman can get pregnant even when having sex while menstruating. But, of course, it’s not you who should worry about that!

Semen can add to my diet

Sorry, but no! It’s a gigantic myth that semen has a high nutrition content, like a protein bar or something, and when you swallow one’s load, you’ll instantly feel full of energy. Actually, semen contains mainly fructose, and the stomach acid quickly burns up the tiny quantity of nutrients that’s in it.

Semen is a natural cosmetic product

Again, don’t count on semen to make you more energetic OR more beautiful, for that matter. It’s totally not true that semen works wonders for your skin when applied onto the face. The myth probably comes from the common belief that spermine, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent to be found in the sperm cells, can get you rid of blemishes. Unfortunately, semen cannot improve your complexion, neither can it help you with acne. What it can do, though, is cause allergic reactions and even sexually transmitted infections!

The quantity does matter

No, it doesn’t. Do not brag to your lesbian friend that you can get her pregnant in five seconds just because the volume of your cum is massive. The truth is that the function of this bulk of liquid you’re so proud of is only to protect the sperm cells. And they, these tiny warriors, will arrive at the destination no matter the quantity of fluid.

Well, we hope with that LOAD of information you’ve finally got everything right.

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