Article written by Rahmel Reid

One thing we don’t do around here, is slut shame! And why should you? Being a slut or a hoe is no longer as taboo as it once was deemed. In fact, most people who are open about their hoe-is ways wear it like a badge of honor. As they should. Sure, on the service level — being a hoe means you’re not shy sexually, you’re a freak (both) in the streets and the sheets and you may engage in sex with strangers. But deep down, being a hoe represents so much more than sex that brings instant gratification. Here are 5 Reasons as to why everyone should embrace their inner hoe.


Fuck what tradition says or what your family and friends may think. Those social norms surrounding sex are so irrelevant to you! Sex can have such a liberating effect on people. When you own your sexuality and embrace the fact that you like to suck and fuck, you start to operate from a more freeing space. You walk differently, your confidence is boosted, your head is held high. You’re living life boldly, on your terms. It doesn’t matter what color, shape or size you are — everyone should embrace their inner hoe. Everyone deserves to feel confident and liberated.


Practice makes perfect! The more sex you have, you get to discover what you like versus what you don’t like. It doesn’t have to be with a roster of random strangers, a few casual fuck buddies that you rotate through will allow you to learn what positions work for you, explore your limits, find out if you like being dominant or submissive, rough or sensual. All of the things to help you have the most mind blowing climax. Things that you will never learn from watching old Dr. Ruth videos.


There are a plethora of health reasons as to why you should be having sex as often as you can. First of all, you burn calories. Sex is known to improve your cardiovascular health. But fucking frequently also reduces stress and anxiety. It releases healthy endorphins into your system that effects your overall mood, alleviate certain minor pains (like headaches thanks to the oxytocin endorphin), helps to keep your hormones in balance, improves your sleep health and helps to relax you. There have been multiple studies that prove why people should have sex everyday. So the next time an opportunity presents itself at the gym to suck a dick or an easy no-strings-attached hookup off of one of those apps just happens to fall in your lap, take it! It’s literally good for you!


I support anyone who chooses to be in a monogamous relationship and only wants to sleep with one person for the rest of their life. Everyone should be able to live life on their own terms. But you wouldn’t go to a food buffet (yuck, I know but just hang in there with me for the analogy), and just sample one thing, would you? There are so many appetizing options. That’s the same way that sex should be approached (in my honest, hoe-ish opinion). Open relationships have become more and more of a thing for this very reason. No, I am not condoning cheating by any means, you should be transparent with all parties involved. But there are just way too many men on this planet to be forced (usually by societal norms and pressures), to only sleep with one person for the duration of a relationship with your partner. But even if you are single, don’t let potential judgment or “that voice” in your head shame you into “treating your body like a temple”. Guess what, you can fuck everyday from Sunday to Saturday, a different guy if you wanted to — and still have respect for yourself and your body. Dick is delicious. Ass is amazing. And there’s plenty of it out there. So step up to that buffet! And don’t be shy to go for seconds.


This one is pretty straight forward. Sex and cumming is simply euphoric. There is no greater feeling. Leading up to it, during it and after it - sex (if it’s good) leaves you feeling blissful, smiling from ear to ear. Who doesn’t want to feel good? Don’t deny yourself such pleasures, fuck as often as you can. Be the biggest freak you want to be. As long as you’re comfortable with yourself and treating yourself kindly in these acts and lifestyle, to hell with what anyone else may think of it. If you ask me, sounds like those people need to get laid.

June 06, 2022 — Andrew Christian
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