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Do you feel inadequate in bed? Are you constantly worrying that you aren’t fulfilling your partner’s needs? This could be due to a lack of confidence when performing in the bedroom. This one little factor can make all the difference when concerning good and bad sex. If your mind is not in the right place, then it is unlikely you are living up to your full ability to please your lover. This article will discuss seven ways you can enhance your performance simply by improving your confidence.

Hit the Gym

One reason you may lack confidence in the bedroom is that you aren’t confident in your body. Getting fully undressed in front of another individual can be overly intimidating when you don’t feel good about your self-perception. If this an issue you find yourself facing, then you can take steps to increase your body confidence by hitting the gym and eating better. This will help you to lose weight or tone up in those areas that make you uncomfortable. Going to the gym is also a great way to increase your endurance. Sex can be quite a workout in itself. When you’re getting down to the deed you want to ensure you are psychically capable of keeping up with your lover’s stamina. If you find that you are running out of breath easily, then maybe getting in a good cardio work out every day will help with this problem. Further, by exercising you increase endorphins and all those happy chemicals that make us feel good. When you feel good, you’re more likely to give off a confident vibe. So, hit the gym to help out with your insecurity!

Just Be Yourself

Insecurity often stems from overthinking and generally just being too hard on ourselves. Comparing yourself to others or being hard on yourself will not help to increase your confidence. Avoid negative thinking that may make you feel bad about who you are. Instead, do the opposite. Boost your confidence by focusing on your good qualities. If you’re a sweet lover, then admire yourself for this sensual type of lovemaking. Being you and accepting your strengths rather than your weaknesses will help you to be the best lover you can be.


Perform Some Research

Sometimes we feel a lack of confidence because we feel we just aren’t that educated in sex. Fortunately, in our modern age we readily have search engines available to us. Don’t take these for granted. Try doing some research on new techniques that will blow your lover’s mind. You may find out a thing or two that you had no idea about. There’re tons of information on different positions, areas on the body, and toys that you can utilize when it’s time for that special play.

Speak Up

It’s not all about the other person when it comes to sexual confidence. Ideally, good sex involves both partners’ leaving the bedroom fully pleased. For this reason, you’ll want to use your voice. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you want. For many, this vocal expression is quite the turn on and will likely make them feel more confident that they are giving you what you want. You don’t have to be aggressive about the matter, just let him know where you want him to touch you.

Talk it Out

If the idea of speaking up during sex doesn’t suit your needs, then you can always discuss the situation outside the bedroom. Have a sit down where you can both honestly express what you want in the bedroom. This will give you both the chance to let out your desires. It’s sort of like making a pregame plan before entering into the championships. This newfound knowledge will enhance your confidence because you’ll go in knowing exactly what it is your partner is looking for.


Laugh it Off

Things happen. Embarrassing situations occur even with the most confident people. The difference is that a confident person does not let the situation ruin the moment. If one of you falls over or does something equally embarrassing, laugh it off. Playful sex can be just as exciting as passionate sex. Turn the situation around in your favor. Have a good laugh, maybe tickle him, whatever you need to do to keep the moment going. Confidence is more than just always performing excellently. It’s about picking yourself up when things go wrong. So, show him you’re not afraid of your mistakes, then get back to business.

Be a Risk Taker

If you really want to show off your confidence, then you’ll need to take risks. If your sex is typically vanilla, then try spicing things up. Spank him, nip at his sensitive skin, or give his hair a firm but sexy tug. Don’t be afraid to take things to another level.
January 15, 2019 — Andrew Christian
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