Times have changed. No longer do we have to choose between what looks good and what feels good. Options exist that are able to blend sexy and practical, supporting in all the right places and giving you the confidence you need. Let’s talk about what you need to know and give you some gymspiration.


You probably already have a dedicated fit for when you get sweaty and we get it. You have established a co-dependent relationship with that saggy, gray gym shirt and those baggy, black basketball shorts. Honestly? It’s an easy and comfortable trap to fall into. Here’s why you should break up with that sad outfit and get something else:

1. Some clothing just isn’t made for an active lifestyle

via GIPHY A common misconception is that anything that’s comfortable at home will be comfortable in the gym. You know what’s not comfortable? Extra fabric dangling around your knees while you’re on the stair stepper or a shirt with fabric that’s way too heavy, triggering some unsexy and unneeded sweating. Light, stretchy and breathable materials are much more apt to give you an efficient workout without all of the hassle of other options.

2. You’re at the gym to look good, so actually look good

via GIPHY Practicality aside, it feels good to look good. Do you opt to wear frumpy clothes to the club on the weekend? How about to brunch? Probably not. The gym shouldn’t be an exception. You work hard and you should be able to show it off! Choose something that shows off everything you’ve worked for. To best achieve this, think polyamide, spandex, mesh, etc.

3. We all love a good verse

via GIPHY Not that kind of verse. Clothes that can be worn in multiple places are great! Imagine wearing a breathable legging or soft jock under your work clothes and then transitioning with ease at the gym. You stay comfortable, cut down on time spent changing and even have to do laundry less frequently ;). It’s a win-win-win! Okay, but now what? You may be sold on the fact you should have sexier activewear, but finding that may seem tricky. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place (just click above;)). So what should you be looking for? Let’s break down the perfect outfit for feeling good and looking gorgeous.


via GIPHY Sleeveless, sleeveless, sleeveless! Nothing says uncomfortable and unattractive like pit stains and back sweat. Cut down on the excess material, get rid of those sleeves and show off those guns! The Soccer Mesh Tank and similar tanks honestly couldn’t be a better option. Your fellow gym goers and, most importantly, your body will thank you.


via GIPHY There are a few routes you could go here and it mostly depends on physical activity. For the cardio-passionate runner, a mesh legging offers air and support, squeezing in the right places and staying put. You won’t find any riding, slouching or chaffing in the Vibe Active Mesh Legging. You may, however, catch a few stares. If you prefer a short, that’s fine! There are options just as great out there. If you’re not as big on cardio, but just as big on weight training, grab the Popsicle Mesh Popsicle shorts. Seeing a trend with mesh? That’s because you get air without compromising support and everyone loves a good preview.


via GIPHY The short is the beginning of the journey, though. If you go the short direction, you also have to make sure your underwear is ready for the gym. Again, think breathability and support – this should honestly should be your new mantra. While mesh is always great, there are other options out there. A lightweight cotton will be almost as cool and may even offer more support for your boys. Side note, an extra pouch is never a bad idea. ;) For style, think about the activities you’ll be doing. Spending time doing squats? How about on the treadmill? Maybe the weight bench? A fairly safe rule-of-thumb is the more cardio-intense workout you will be doing, the longer the undergarment. Total runner? Grab a legging or boxer brief. Pro at bench pressing? Maybe a brief or jockstrap is a goof option. Mixture of the two? Trunks and boxer briefs are a great compromise! Working out is only one step to looking sexier. What’s on the outside of your body is arguably just as important as what you’re working with. No one is going to notice those hard-earned biceps if you cover them up and no one will care about how great your butt is if they can’t get a preview. Not all clothes are created equal; some look better and have more to offer. Before choosing, think about what you’re doing and consider all of the options because sexy and practical aren’t things you should ever have to compromise on.
July 09, 2018 — Andrew Christian
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