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While dicks come in all shapes, sizes, and pigmentations - they’re always placed in two very distinct categories; circumcised and uncircumcised. It seems as if the cut version of man meat always gets to sit in the spotlight, so today we’re highlighting the uncut population out there by dishing out some interesting uncircumcised penis facts you may have never heard before.

Why The Cut?

Dicks come out rocking a hood and many are circumcised before they even check out of the hospital. Parents choose to do this for a variety of reasons, but removing that excess skin is a cultural aspect in too many including those in Jewish communities as well as tribed throughout Africa and even Australia. So those who are uncut likely aren’t part of any of these or had parents that just didn’t think it was necessary at birth to take away the hood.

The Uncut Population

Roughly 30% to 35% of Americans are uncircumcised. Those who think that’s low, haven’t seen the data coming from Morocco and Iran where .1% and .3% of men are uncut. On the other end of the spectrum, around 99.8% of men in Vietnam and 99.9% of men in Ecuador are uncircumcised. So if you have a preference of either, you know where you have higher odds finding the right fit, or rather cut.

Cutting Later in Life

People who aren’t circumcised but want to be for a variety of reasons can have the procedure done when they are older. Getting snipped is typically an outpatient procedure done in less than a half-hour. However, because you are older, healing can take upwards of two weeks.


No, uncircumcised dicks aren’t dirtier. What they are though, are more...high-maintenance. If you’re uncircumcised, you have to show your nether regions more love in the shower because bacteria likes to hide between the dick and foreskin. So how clean an uncircumcised dick depends more on the person it’s attached to more than anything.

Dick Receptors

When you remove that extra skin on the penis, you take away a good amount of neuroreceptors. So uncircumcised dicks tend to feel a little more of good shit during sex.


While there may be a bit more receptors on an uncircumcised dick when compared to a circumcised one - there’s no real difference when it comes to sexual drive, finishing too early, getting hard, or any other typical functions.

No, They’re Not Bigger - Sorry

The size of one’s dick depends on nothing more than genetics. Whether one is cut or not, that’ll never really impact how big (or small) someone is. However, uncircumcised dicks can look like they have a little something-something more, but it’s sort of just an illusion due to the extra skin on top when soft.

Lube Saver

The foreskin of an uncircumcised dick generates a natural lube. That doesn’t mean you’ll never have to have a bottle around, it just means that hand jobs can go about a little easier without having to root around in your side table drawer.

They All Fuck the Same

An uncircumcised dick can do (or not do) anything a circumcised dick can (or can’t). How good someone fucks doesn’t depend on that - at all.

They All Need Protection

No matter what a dick looks like, neither dick is immune. Always have a condom ready to go.

March 17, 2021 — Andrew Christian
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