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Article written by Maya Vukovska

Our love life is put on hold. Some take this fact lightly, but for others it’s a nightmare. We are wearing the same PJ’s for days in a row, and melting down into our couches without a clear picture of when we're gonna get laid again. But the truth is that social-distancing won’t stop everyone from dating and having sex. But for most, it's a time for us to sit down on our asses and reevaluate our lifestyle and love choices. So let’s not create a big drama out of it, and stay positive. For our own sake.

Being deprived of human touch, of the possibility to meet men for sex does’t have to feel as the end of the world. But if you miss dating apps that much, here’s what you can do to lessen the pain, while waiting for better times to come.

Stress is a bitch. Fight the bitch with self-loving techniques

Doctors say that stress weakens the immune system the most. And in times of pandemic, we cannot afford to let our immune system fail us. That’s why, it’s essential that now we take a better care of ourselves more than ever. People who experience some kind of a drastic change in their lifestyle, and stop dating is a good example of that, tend to neglect themselves. Remember that sooner or later everything will be normal again, and you need to be in shape, both mental and physical, in order to get back into the dating scene. Nobody wants to go out with somebody with a rusty body and soul.

How do you shake off the stress? Shaving that patchy 2-week beard and changing your underwear would be an excellent start. Doing yoga and breathing exercises, reading (but not those bullshit self-help manuals!) and cooking are activities that can bring the peace of mind you so much need right now.

Date yourself

Imagine the things you are going to do together with some handsome guy on a regular date, and then cut him out of the picture. Cook a delicious dinner for one, drink some wine, skip the movie, and while still tipsy, take yourself to the bedroom. There, we believe, you know what to do and how to pleasure yourself. Voila - date accomplished!

Ride the video chat carousel

There’s been a significant increase in the use of different dating and sex apps, and also in video calls and chats. It seems that, quarantine or not, people’s sex drive hasn’t decreased at all. On the contrary! On a global level, Tinder saw increases of the volume of messages of up to 25%. And that’s only in the week after March 12! The users of the hard-hit countries like Italy and Spain have been most active in online dating - they’ve been fancying sex with strangers more than ever. Apart from the date apps, there are also quite many free chat websites that pair random, sexually aroused users. Having webcam sex with men from all over the world can feel like a refreshing change from the dating in the physical reality to which you are used to. Of course, nothing feels like a hot piece of meat in your mouth or between your ass cheeks, but what better time than this now to start using your imagination!

Look for your quarantine (soul)mate

This tip has, in fact, little to do with the previous one. Because this one is not about sexual gratification, but love and long-term commitment. Now, with all the pressure of browsing constantly for new, hot guys being gone, you can finally concentrate on finding the Right One. Before you had the feeling that if you didn’t have sex on your very date, you would miss something. You had one-hundred-and-fifty-seven one-night stands which led to literally nothing.

With some more patience and, most importantly, a desire to actually get to know the guy, you may turn this dark period of everybody’s life into a wonderful story to tell your friends and family years from now.

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