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“U up?”

Possibly the most common text being sent around the world today thanks to the booming culture that is online dating, or rather online hookups. But what do you do when you do not want just the sex? It is hard to make that transition from fuck buddy to actual bae once you have laid the foundation with nothing more than your sweaty bodies getting it on when you are both just in the mood for some carnal action. But it does not have to be. You can try and start to shift things towards being so much more with a few simple texts that showcase you’re not just asking for ass but texting for something solid and real.

1. How Was Your Day?

Simple and to the point. It is a classic question that can lead to so much more if you take an interest. Plus, it shows an interest in every aspect of their life and not just what they are currently up to or rather - if they are not busy and can fuck at the moment. In a time where we are all so go, go, go we sometimes forget to stop and just recollect ourselves and reach out like this. So send your fuck buddy this and show some interest!

2. Let’s Get Coffee Tomorrow

While we can drink coffee at any time of the day, and do, it is typically something you invite someone to get during the daylight hours. This indicates that you just do not want to see them during peak fucking hours at night, but during the day and in public. Like a date, but a little more casual to allow the two of you to take baby steps towards figuring out if your situation could result in more.

3. You Okay?

This is a text you should be sending out regularly to everyone you care about. Anyways, this is simpler than asking how their day was but in many ways hits so much harder because you are asking not only about the everyday details of their day but implying that you want to check in on how they are doing mentally as well. Which in this day and age is so important to be in tune with how one is feeling on the inside.

4. Want to See Grab Some Dinner?

Perhaps you have sent the coffee text and it went good. Now it is time to move onto the next step and get yourself some quality date time. We are not talking about grabbing some fast food on the way over to their place, but actual dinner out at a place that preferably has cloth napkins and a waiter. Go the extra mile for those you are interested in to show them how much they mean to you and it just may pay off. If it doesn’t? Well, then you know where you stand with them and can either continue to fuck around with them or move onto someone who wants to be in a relationship.

5. Check Out This Song, It Made Me Think of You

It does not have to necessarily be a song but you get the idea, right? It can be a movie, a TV show, a picture you found online. Anything that reminds you of them, send it. Well, send it if it is either going to make them laugh or think you’re sweet. Do not go and send something rude or offensive - unless that is the type of sense of humor the two of you share. Whatever the case, it shows you were thinking of them and that’s sweet.

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