Not everybody loves the flavor of cum, but when it comes to gay sex--it's hard to avoid dealing with semen every now and then. Jizz is just a fact of life when it comes homo romance, so if you haven't made peace with the idea of cum on you, in you, and going down your throat, here's six tips to help you acquire a taste! You may be grossed out by cum now, but follows these tips and you'll be happily guzzling gallons in no time!

1. Bypass the tastebuds

Fun fact! Most tastebuds in your mouth are on the front of your tongue. So assuming that your fella is big enough, when it comes time to swallow his load, you'll want to deep throat him as much as possible. The goal is for the cum to just shoot straight down your throat. With the right technique, you won't taste anything!

2. Talk to him about his diet

If that fails, or if your man wants to see the cum on tongue, then it might be worth talking to him about his diet. You are what you eat, so switching to a diet of healthy foods with lots of pineapple may just be the recipe for palatable or even delicious cum!

3. Make sure you're horny

Water taster better when you're thirsty, cheeseburgers taste better when you're hungry, so it follows that cum tastes better when you're horny! Make sure you're super hot and bothered and you may experience that load in a totally new light.

4. Lean into the masochism

Even if you're determined that you'll never enjoy the flavor of cum, you can lean into that and still "enjoy" it! If you're at all kinky, then you know that sometimes "unpleasurable" things can actually be enjoyable! Try thinking of it this way: you're not supposed to enjoy that nasty stuff. You're suffering for his pleasure... and that can become YOUR pleasure too!

5. Practice makes perfect

If all else fails, just try, try, try again! Even if you don't like the flavor, if you just swallow enough loads eventually you'll get used to it. The best way to face your fear of cum is with exposure therapy! Try swallowing 1000 loads and still getting grossed out--we think you'll find it won't be so bad after a while. 😉