Tops... it's time to stop using and abusing our bottoms without showing some appreciation. Our bottoms are down on their hands and knees doing doing the lord's work. In 2023 we're showing gratitude for those brave bottoms out there giving their all for our pleasure. If you want to pay it forward as well, here's some ideas for sweet nothings to help express your gratitude for those bottoms who are truly amazing.

1. "That wasn't a hookup, that was love-making."

When you fuck a truly professional bottom--even if you've just met him moments ago--one of the highest praises you can give is to tell him that the sex felt more like making love. Brief hookups are sometimes not the pinnacle of sex, since there's awkward getting-to-you-know phase. But in the hands of a good bottom, a quick shag can feel like honeymoon romance.

2. "I'm cumming already!"

For tops, having an orgasm too fast can be embarrassing. However, for bottoms, the opposite is often true! If you bust after only being inside him for a few minutes, well that speaks volumes about the prodigious power of his ass! If that bottom just feels too amazing, let me know with a flattering premature ejaculation.

3. "I don't eat ass, but your booty is irresistible"

When a bottom is so irresistibly delectable that the top is breaking his normal sex habits, now that is some high praise! Bottoms will know that their ass is just too amazing to resist, even for picky eaters!

4. "You look so pretty when I fuck you."

Part of being a high-tier bottom is putting on a show while you're getting boned. Telling your bottom how gorgeous and cute he looks while taking your dick is sure-fire way to make him blush.

5. "You're the best I've ever had."

Most tops have fucked quite a few bottoms in their time, so it's an amazing compliment to bestow him with title of GOAT. Even if you're exaggerating a bit, bottoms will feel wonderfully sexy if you let them know that in this moment, there's no one they'd be screwing.

6. "Marry me."

If you like it, then put a ring out! There's nothing that can make a bottom feel loved quite like popping the question! Whether he's been bottoming for you for years and you've decided you'll never get enough of it or you're proposing immediately after inserting your dick in his ass for the first time, bottoms love when a top wants to lock them down and have them all to themself for happily ever after.