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It's no secret that bottoms have more fun. I think most of us have an appreciation for getting roughly manhandled by daddy. But sometimes we all need to pause on the traditional power dynamic of our sex life and make an adjustment. If you're always playing the role of the sub, give it a twist and see what happen. Here's six tips to be more dominant in bed, because you or your partner might love it!

1. Know your partner’s body language

The thing with dominance play is that many of us are not aware that we event and thirsty for it. Your partner may harbor a deep longing to be dominated in bed but not know how to express himself. If you intimately know your partner bod, then you'll know what signals to look for has you dominate him.

2. Get in touch with your masc side

When people hear "dominate", it often conjures images of ropes and chains. But in practice, becoming more dominant in bed doesn't necessarily even require changing your method of sex. For example, you can be a dominant bottom or a submissive top. Dominance comes from within. Get in touch your powerful and mysterious masc side use that as leverage for dominating your lover.

3. Communicate

Talk beforehand with your lover. Discuss as unfulfilled desires, BDSM fantasies, and hard limits the two of you have. Find out actually what he wants, and later on you can decide if he was good enough to get it.

4. Invest in equipment

You don't necessarily need gear, but consider investing in some props for easier dominance. A little piece of kink rope is an extremely versatile tool. Start simple and work your way to more advanced toys to see if you and your partner enjoy it.

5. Not only physical, but emotional dominance too

During sex, the dominant one is not always the stronger one. In addition to physical dominance, try experiencing with emotional / psychological dominance as well. Think humiliation or worship play. Use your imagination and go crazy!

6. Use roleplay to get in character

And lastly, if you still just can't get the hang of being dominant, then try using a little roleplay to get in character! Invoking a scenario with natural dominance structure can do wonders for getting into that head space. Just remember to drop the act when the scene ends! ;)

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