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Sex is fun. In fact, it's one of the most fun things out there. But your enjoyment of dicking down can be seriously hampered if you lack sexual confidence. If you're stuck in your head and feeling totally self-conscious, well then nobody is going to be having as much fun as they could. So next time you hop into bed with a fuck-buddy, strip your ego with the rest of your clothes and just go with the flow. To that end, here are six steps you can take to boost your sexual confidence.

1. Stop looking at porn

Too much porn is the enemy of well-calibrated feelings of what sex should be like. Don't let your dick leave the real world and take up residence in the porn world. Real sex need not be as acrobatic or violent as a lot of videos out there, ya know...

2. Exercise, but don't obsess

Stay in shape, but don't go crazy preening and primping every part of your body. Put the tape measure away--there's no need to obsess over the circumference of your biceps. Listen, if a man is fucking you, then he definitely thinks you're attractive, so don't sweat it!

3. Treat yourself

If you've got a particular kink that you want to try, then go for it! Treat yourself to that bondage toy or vibrator. Don't be afraid to splurge on something that will bring you closer to the orgasm you've been dreaming of.

4. Be honest with yourself

Achieving sexual confidence means coming to terms with your sexual self. If you can enter the bedroom knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and aces in the hole, then your performance is bound to go smoother.

5. Screw the haters

Being sexually confident means not giving a fuck what the haters think about your kinks. Be confident in your own preferred method of fucking. If if it feels good to you, that's all that matters (as long as there's consent, obviously).

6. Strike while the iron is hot

Finally, to be fully sexually confident, you need to not be afraid to turn down sex when you're not horny, and initiate sex when you are horny. Follow your body's cues. Drink water when you're thirsty and fuck when you're horny. Now that's sexual confidence!

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