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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Dicks, ass, nice lips on said dick and ass. All of those are complete turn-ons but what about those random things that are 100% nonsexual that make us hot and bothered? Today we are going to go down that rabbit hole and explore all of the nonsexual turn-ons that we encounter on an everyday basis. If you don’t see yours, share and let us know what nonsexual things rock your nether regions in a special way.

An Actual Message on a Dating App

Dating apps can be a pain in the ass when you are on them to find an actual relationship and not just sex, right? For those not looking for a barrage of dick pics, the DMs from dating apps can be a bit much. So when an actual message from someone who isn’t thinking with their penis comes through, you can’t help but be taken aback and pop a mental boner.

No Wait Time at Brunch

We always think that when we roll out of bed late after a night at the club that we will be okay getting a table right away at the hottest brunch spot. Then we get there and there is a 30-45 minute wait. Not ideal, at all. That is why walking up at what’s usually a peak time, getting seated right away, and having a mimosa in hand within 10 minutes is as glorious as the world’s best orgasm.

When They Listen

There is absolutely no way that none of you have experienced dating someone who just does not listen. There is nothing worse than talking to someone, telling them important shit, and then having them just nod while they stare into the distance. Like, why the fuck you even here then? My dog listens better than that! So a partner actually showcases they are listening by responding to what you're saying, OMFG. Put a ring on it and fuck me until dawn!

Fresh Washed Laundry

Does anyone else get their laundry out of the dryer and just lay in it because it feels like the best embrace in the world or…?

A Great First Date

First date horror stories are amazing to hear when they aren’t your own! A great first date isn’t as rare as a new Rihanna album but for some, they aren’t a commonality. First dates can be strenuous and because of that, it leads people to be awkward and the whole experience is just meh. So when you find yourself on a first date with someone new, and it’s going well and you’re vibing - that is as hot as a random hookup.

High-Speed Internet

We are in the 21st Century and our entire existence is basically online now, so when the internet is slow it’s basically like living in the ‘90s with dial-up. That is why a high-speed connection will always make you hard. Plus, the better the internet, the faster your porn loads and isn’t that the real gift of a great connection?

Vibing With Their Friends

There is nothing worse than meeting the perfect person and then not getting along with their friends, right? Whether they just don’t vibe with your style or they are total bitches - it will put a strain on the otherwise great relationship. So when you meet their friends and they are basically your besties by the end of the night, you leave with a heart boner because you realize, hey...this could actually be end game.

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