Article written by Kendra Beltran

When it comes to sex and arousal, we’re all as different as the snowflakes that fall during winter. Everyone has their thing that gets them hot and bothered, but it usually falls under a pretty well.... normal umbrella. Spanking, nipple play, having their salad tossed every once in a while. Then there are those sexual fetishes that some would say are just plain strange and unusual. We’re not trying to kink-shame,  but we can’t help but say, WTF when it comes to these.

1. Actirasty

If you’ve ever gone on a hike on a beautiful sunny day and ended up getting really horny, you're either an exhibitionist (someone who enjoys having sex in public) or you've got a big case of actirasty. No, that’s nothing you’d have to go to the clinic for. It’s when a person is turned on by the rays of the sun. Do you think sunscreen is their lube?

2. Coprophilia

Know we just said to each their own but what’s up with people who are aroused by shit? Like, come on! So unsanitary!

3. Hybristophilia

The first thing that came to mind when we read about hybristophiliacs were all those people who fawn over serial killers... that’s because people who have hybristophilia are aroused by the fact that their partner has been a piece of shit person. Meaning they’ve cheated, lied, robbed, or even murdered.

4. Knismolagnia

One can’t help but think of that lovable red puppet when thinking about those who get their rocks off being tickled.

5. Necrophilia

Never trust someone heading into a cemetery or a mortuary in the middle of the night with an apparent boner. They’re there to fuck a corpse.

6. Cuckolding

Okay, so compared to the lot this one isn’t that out there. Cuckolding is if your man was into watching you fuck another dude.


7. Teratophilia

Say your friend was sexually attracted to Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Elephant Man or the 45th President of the United States. That would mean they were a teratophiliac and attracted to people with physical deformities.

8. Mechanophilia

Have you not seen that one thing on TV where a woman legit married and loved a Ferris wheel? Homegirl was a mechanophilia and a little too into machines - if you catch my drift. There was also that one guy who would “make love” to his car.

9. Catheterophilia

If you’ve ever had to have a catheter you know it’s not pleasant, or perhaps you liked it. That would put you in this fetish category.

10. Dendrophilia

An attraction to trees takes that whole “tree hugger” thing to a whole other level.

11. Looners

People who fetishize balloons have dubbed themselves “looners” and many aren’t shy about it either. Out of all of these, this has one of the biggest communities. Weird, but okay. Like you’d use a dildo or some other toy during sex, a looner would utilize a balloon into the mix. Whether it’s having sex with balloons, being into watching someone else play with balloons or even popping them - it’s all hot as fuck for looners.

12. Coulrophilia

We’re not sure how someone could even like clowns let alone want to get freaky when they see one, but alas, here we are.