We asked 15 men "where's the strangest place you've cum?" and their answers may just surprise you....
"One time the guy I was seeing went down on me during an animated Pixar movie. There was a family in the front of the theater...I remember that being really weird." - Ryan, 25. I've accidentally cum on someone's cat before. I wasn't trying to but I shot far and she was sitting on the edge of the bed..." - Chris, 32. "I've cum in the backseat of a car before while on a road trip with my friends and boyfriend. It was late at night and my friend was driving so we just handled ourselves underneath the covers" - Will, 30. "Definitely the strangest place I've ever cum is in a cup where a bunch of other guys had cum. I was at a sex party." - Richard, 26. "One time I came on a piece of toast and fed that piece of toast to a guy I was sleeping with at the time. It was sort of hot, mostly weird" - Eli, 33. "I've cum on these hand towels with my grandma and grandpa's initials on them. I think they received them as a wedding gift years and years ago." - Kevin, 33. "Behind the bleachers of my high school during an assembly, for sure." - Nico, 25. "When I was in high school I came on the hood of the car of this teacher I hated. At the time it felt like revenge." - Colt, 33. "I've come on a hotdog once....for the photo" - Elliot, 24. The strangest place I've ever cum is in the projection room of the theater in my hometown. My boyfriend throughout HS worked the projector." - Miles, 35. "Would a drag queen's wig count?" - Mike, 28. "One time I came all over a slide at a children's playground. No children were around, it was a local cruising spot at night." - Jamie, 25. "I've cum in a church before. My boyfriend at the time and I were volunteers and one night we had the chance to close up after a bible study and one thing led to another." - Patrick, 35. "I've cum in a bowl of salsa at a party of this dude I hated. Petty of me." - Victor, 33. "On the face of the twin brother of my boyfriend at the time. Whoops!" - Carl, 29.
April 27, 2022 — Andrew Christian
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