Article by Ben Haynes

There are certain things we, as gay men, do on the regular, sometimes without noticing or meaning to. One is checking how our butt looks in almost everything we wear. This habit is something both tops and bottoms regularly do (I’ve met a few tops that are arguably more obsessed with their ass than most bottoms are). Another thing gay men are known for doing is going to the gym. Why not combine the two? If you’re looking for the perfect repertoire of exercises to build and sculpt an ass that catches the attention of every man in the room, look no further.

Glute Bridges

These exercises are perfect as they directly target your butt and lower back. These can be accomplished by lying on a mat, planting both feet on the floor, and pushing your hips to the sky. During all this, you should dig your heels into the ground and create tension in your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles. You can make them more challenging by adding dumbbells or free weights. You can target one leg at a time by keeping one foot on the floor and lifting the other in the air.

Hip Thrusts

This is the elevated version of the glute bridge (literally). You’ll need a weight bench for this move. You’ll begin the action seated against the long side of the bench with your elbows back, for support. Keeping your feet flat on the floor and elbows dug into the bench, thrust your hips up until your knees are at 90°, squeezing through your glutes the whole time. You can make this more challenging by adding a barbell with the appropriate amount of weight attached. Aside from offering more range of motion, they also give you the opportunity to show your thrusting skills to everyone around!

Heel Kicks

Heel kicks can be done with relatively no impact to any other muscle and can be a bonus core workout! Start by kneeling on both knees on a mat and get down on your forearms. Extend one leg straight back while the other stays in a kneeling position. Flex the toes of that foot toward your chin, and then kick your heel high in the sky. You’ll instantly feel your glute working as you lift your heel higher. Holding a plank while kicking back can assist in sculpting the chiseled, sexy core we all crave.


One of the secrets to making your ass pop is toning up your lower back muscles. This move will help by allowing your ass to really stand out against a tight, toned back. Deadlifts have the potential to build your ass to perfection if they are approached with care and proper form. You can do these with dumbbells or barbells; start small and work up the weight scale. The weight should be on the floor in front of you. Bend over to pick it up, but bend those knees and push your ass back as you do so, keeping your back flat and shoulder blades squeezed together. As you stand straight up, pull your shoulders back and thrust your hips forward, squeezing the glutes together as you do so. Then, carefully return to your starting position by putting the weights on the floor before you. If you’re doing another rep, wait a moment in your start position to recollect yourself. Pausing a moment ensures proper form and gives your glutes a little extra workout by being in a slight squat!


Since when have we ever missed an opportunity to drop our asses low? The best thing about squats is there are so many variations of them. It’s hard to get bored doing these. There are a few basic form checks to do every time, regardless of which interpretation is your favorite. A few things to keep in mind with all squats are: -Keep your back flat and chest up (we’re not drunk dancing at the club! Squatting does not entail bending over!) -Keep your glutes pushed back as you squat down (almost like it’s searching for an imaginary chair…or a hot guy’s lap) -Maintain the distance between your knees Squeeze the glutes together as you stand tall each time You can build the ass you’ve always dreamed of by utilizing these five exercises regularly. Men will want you, and women will envy you. As always, if you are embarking on a new fitness journey, always consult a professional and ask for help whenever attempting anything new. Be safe, and love the body you live in!
May 11, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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