Sex games aren’t just for horny high-schoolers and weird ass porn videos! Whether you’re a couple, a group, or just looking to have a fun and sexy time, playing a sex game is a great way to spice up your repetitive love life or break the ice with new friends. I see you there, thinking you're too cool and hardcore for sex games. Chill out, dude! Who doesn’t love sex or games? So, to help you plan your next game night, here’s five sex game ideas where everybody wins.

1. Spin the Bottle

Spin the bottle is a tried and true classic with infinite potential for adaptation. All you need is a bottle and a reasonably frictionless surface. This one is especially great for groups as it's so ubiquitous that it needs no explaining. It’s up to the host, however, to determine what the man must do when the bottle spins to him. Traditionally, the penalty is a kiss. Maybe instead he gets spanked? Or maybe he has to take off an article of clothing? Make your own rules to get everyone naked faster!

2. Sexual Task Card Games

There’s a ton of card games out there you can buy that are perfect for two lovers to play in the bedroom to revitalize a sex life that has come to feel like drudgery. Usually the games go something like this: you and your lover take turns drawing a card from a deck, which includes some specific task which you must perform for your partner. Maybe it says, blindfold him and give him an explosive orgasm using only your mouth. Or maybe it says, put an ice cube down your pants. See? It’s fun!

3. Roleplay Roulette

Here’s another great one that can be played as a couple or in a group. The way it works is, everyone present writes down a series of porno archetypes on slips of paper, which are then placed in a bowl. Then you go around the room taking turns drawing slips and acting out a sexual roleplay in whatever character you get. Do it with a partner who is also in character and test your improv skills. This one is great for a laugh, but can also be extremely hot.

4. Blindfolded Cock Challenge

How well do you know your friends' cocks? This is a great party game to play if you’re just spending a night in with the bros. One man gets blindfolded and tries to guess who’s dick is whose, only using his mouth. This one may be… harder than you think. ;)

5. Jerk Off Races

When you’re all tuckered out from playing other games, the best way to end your game night is a good old fashioned jerk off race. On the count of three, everyone starts masturbating. The last one to cum is the loser, and you can decide what his punishment is. ;)
September 13, 2019 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles