Article by Maya Vukovska

Have you ever fantasized about Chris Hemsworth or Idris Elba while having sex with your boyfriend? Оr maybe sometimes you have these crazy thoughts of masturbating on the metro? What about super-rough sex? Voyeurism? Incest? Everybody has lurking off-kilter sexual fantasies which, however, are either too physically challenging, risky, immoral or abhorrent to act out. Let’s talk about some of the most kinky ones, which I hard in the realm of fantasy, and why they actually won’t work in real life.


I remember an episode of the popular TV show Nip/Tuck where a yoga instructor asks the surgeons to perform a never-done-before operation: a penis reduction. The reason for requesting the unusual intervention is that he is so horny all the time that he can’t help giving himself a blowjob. Unlike this fictional character, many men would desire just the opposite - to have a long penis AND be able to twist their bodies into an unusual posture so that they could suck it. Alas, if you are not contortionist, i.e. being extremely flexible, there is no way that this fantasy of yours is brought to life. And most guys confirm that self-sucking feels more like giving a blowjob than receiving one!

Bukkake Session

The practice of bukkake (a sexual activity where a group of men masturbate and shoot their load on another person’s face or in their open mouth) originates in Japanese porn movies from the early 80s. In 2023, the genre is still going strong - a simple search turns up thousands of results--tens of thousands! bukkakes! This comes to show that many people fantasize about participating in a bukkake session in the role of the receiving person. Needless to say, one should consider the serious health hazard this practice poses to the individual.

Having sex in public places

This is one of the most common sexual fantasies both men and women share. Audacious people who love the thrill of trespassing the moral laws do it on airplanes, in public parks, on the beach… Although it sounds exciting and naughty to turn this fantasy into reality, the main reason why you shouldn’t do it is that you might face legal ramifications if you get caught. In most U.S. states, having sex in public, which means from an open balcony to a movie theater, is a misdemeanor classified as “indecent exposure” by the law. If found guilty, you will be either given a fine or convicted to do jail time - in case your public exposure is considered by the judge a “lewd” intent.

Boyfriend being fucked by other people

To me, personally, this is quite a controversial fantasy, because even if they hate the idea of being cheated on, some people fantasize about their partners having sex with other people. The only acceptable way to act out this fantasy will be if both partners agree on trying swingers’ lifestyle, polyamory, sex clubs, etc.

Jeffrey Dahmer

I mean, he's kind of hot, right? But I think we can all agree it's better to stay the hell away!! In general, most any sexual fantasy could be okay given that it is between two or more consenting adults. However, one should consider the risk factors these fantasies thrive on, like illegal activities, sexual deviancies, aggression, and torture. So, my advice would be: Just be careful what you wish for!
June 06, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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