So your sub has been misbehaving... and not in the good way! Time for some well-earned reprimanding. In the BDSM community, we make the distinction between punishment and "funishment." The latter being things that would actually be enjoyable for someone with submissive tendencies, and the former being genuine negative reinforcement to make sure that naughty boy behaves next time. Take note, doms, of these seven creative ways to make sure your sub toes the line.

1. Force Him to Cook Naked

Command your uppity slave to cook you an extravagant meal totally naked. Then he must serve you the food and sit curled up like a dog under the table while you enjoy every last bite. Maybe he'll let you eat some scraps out of his hand if you're lucky.

2. Spanking

And old classic. Spanking is a tried and true method to straighten out a misbehaving sub. Get creative with tools and positions and don't stop until his ass is red. For a twist, try giving his balls a spank instead. Just go easy on them...

3. Orgasm Denial

Take away what he wants the most... to cum. Whether you're locking him up in a chastity belt or tortuously teasing his cock but denying orgasm, make sure he knows that cumming is strictly off-limits. If he does cum against your orders, make sure he swallows every last drop.

4. Diaper

Ok, this one is a bit strange but can be a great method of inflicting humiliation on your sub. Force him to wear an adult diaper for a prescribed period of time. And make sure that he informs you every-time he soils himself. After an evening of pissing himself he's guaranteed to think twice about disobeying you!

5. Rimming

Command your sub to give you a rimjob. Make sure he licks your ass clean. Because his punishment should be your pleasure. Simple, but effective. Your sub may get some enjoyment out of this too though...

6. Tickle Torture

Another classic method to help correct your naughty sub's behavior. Tie him up and tickle him until he wets himself. That should teach him!

7. Drudgery

Finally, dull, pointless and laborious tasks can be a very effective method ensuring obedience from your sub. Have them copy pages from the dictionary, count grains of rice, or just do your laundry for you. Absolutely not sexual enjoyment whatsoever--now that's what I call punishment! :)
May 20, 2020 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles