Are things seeming a little off in your relationship? Maybe that once magical spark now feels like a dull bulb that could go out at any moment. You may be headed towards a breakup, but likewise, you could just be worrying too much. This is natural. We all want our relationships to thrive instead of taking a nose dive. However, if you feel this unwanted worry filling your senses, then maybe you should take a look at these seven signs you’re headed towards a breakup.

Constant Fighting

Arguments can be healthy for a relationship. You want to openly express when you feel your partner has wronged you so that you can move passed the issue and better the relationship. There’s a fine difference between working on issues and looking for a reason to argue, though. If his breathing, chewing, or simply existing bothers you then it is a good sign you are no longer happy with your partner. You may experience this same animosity from them. This constant fighting is an indication that you both may need to take some space from each other.

Lack of Intimacy

Sex is great. It actually brings us closer to our lover and builds on a deeper connection. Our bodies let out many different hormones when we touch the one, we admire. These hormones signal love and affection towards a specific individual. When there is no intimacy in a relationship, then it’s a sign that we aren’t having those feelings for them anymore. Our bodies no longer feel the need to be close to that person or share in those intimate moments that signal those exceptional feelings. You may both just be in a time where it’s difficult to be together as much as you’d like, but if when you’re alone there’s still no urges; it may be over.

You’re Overly Intrigued by Others

Even those in committed, faithful relationships will notice an attractive person. This is usually a fleeting glance or a vague thought of their looks. That’s it. Then the moment is gone, and they continue on with their lives as if they’ve never seen that person. You know you’re in trouble when it goes beyond this. If someone at work has caught your eye and you find yourself hung up on the moment, then it’s a sign your attention is being pulled elsewhere. You may not even have a particular person in mind. If your morning routine seems to be going the extra mile it could be another sign that you are looking for more.

Daydreaming of Better Days

Being present is a good indication that you’re happy. You focus on the things your lover did that day or even last week. However, if you find yourself constantly fantasizing about those days when you first met then you may have a problem. Looking back on the past is an indication that you feel things aren’t what they used to be. You’re hung up on how happy you were back then and frankly how happy you aren’t now. It can be hard to stomach that your relationship is heading down a hole, but these things happen. It could mean the end, but it could also mean you just need to put forth the same effort you did at the beginning.c

You Don’t Really Care

Mustering up effort can be hard, especially when you don’t care. It doesn’t matter that you’re not intimate, you don’t care if there’s another fight, and you don’t care where he’s going. You’ve simply given up. If you find your relationship is no longer worthy of your time, then you know things are not going to have a glorious end. A lack of desire to better your situation, especially when it’s from both ends, is a way to know your relationship will soon be over.

Trust is Non-Existent

Trust is such an important part of a relationship. It’s the fundamental backbone of our love and what makes us feel good about the person we’re with. If you find that you don’t trust a word that comes out of your lover’s mouth, then you know you aren’t happy. Your love has met a point where you just can’t trust them in any situation and you know it can’t go on this way.

You Feel Better When He’s Not There

Probably the biggest sign that your relationship will soon be non-existent is when you’re happier with him not around. It’s almost as if your mind and body are preparing themselves for the lack of his company. Often, we experience a longing when our partner leaves and excitement when we know they are on their way home. If you feel the opposite, then you just aren’t that into them anymore. Life is short. Don’t let yourself be dragged down by being with someone who just doesn’t bring out your inner happiness.
October 25, 2022 — Andrew Christian
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