Article written by Kendra Beltran

At this present moment you are a good looking guy who does well enough in the sex department, but do you have what it takes to walk in a room and have the finest man there say, "Damn zaddy!?" Yes, a zaddy. Not necessarily a hot older man like a daddy but a charismatic, sharp-dressed man with enough charisma to fill what’s left of the ocean. Now we are about to find out if you hit all the marks. Because if you have all of the below signs, you are for sure on your way to being someone's zaddy.

1. Fresh Looks

One of the first things people notice about a zaddy is their aesthetic. Their looks. The fashion honey. If you are a man who does not dare leave the house looking like a hot mess, you are already on your way to being labeled a zaddy. That means when you walk out the door you are looking like a snack head to toe. Yes, head to toe. Not even a scuff on the shoes darling!

2. Career Plan on Lock

It doesn't take a million bucks to look it, but it doesn't hurt. A zaddy often turns head with their incredible fashion sense. Which tends to cost. You rock the hell out of casual wear from basic department stores, but can also bust out the Prada when necessary. Nevertheless, those who are wise in their career so much so they can shop until they indeed have men dropping to their knees to be with them, are most definitely zaddy material.

3. The Gym Rat

You just can't have the clothes and money. Oh boo, you also have to have a physique that doesn't quit. This means you have got to be an active person. Unless you are one of those people who were just born with abs...then you are one of the lucky ones and I hate you. Just kidding, but really…I can’t with you, but also wish I were you right now.

4. "You Could Be A Model"

You have heard that sentiment since before you could walk and those good looks have yet to quit. Like you were chiseled from the finest marble, you are a modern-day Greek God walking around and let’s be real, you know that. Any and everyone recognizes that about you.

5. Constant Dick Stream

If you wanted some dick right now, you have a plethora of dudes not only in your phone who would drop what they are doing in an instant to be with you. You are also a frequent flyer on dating apps so you could always turn to that and have a man on your doorstep within seconds.

6. They Jealous

Men and women are constantly jealous of what you have and what you are about. They aren’t necessarily haters, just rabid admirers with a chip on their shoulder.

7. Confidence Overpowers Cockiness

There is a distinct difference between someone who is sure of themselves and those who are full of shit. You are just a man who is comfortable with who he is and it shows in how you carry yourself in your everyday life. That in and of itself makes you charming as fuck and 100% desirable to everyone who comes within 100 feet of you.

8. 100% Swag

You've got the looks, the fashion sense, and confidence. All wrapped up, you've got the whole package when it comes to having total swag and that my friend means only one thing. You are a bonafide zaddy. Congrats! You have officially been dubbed and can not head out and tell your friends about it.

October 03, 2019 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles