Has your dating profile become a ghost town as of late? Are you swiping right on every hot dude there is and getting nothing in return? Not a match in sight? Well, that's definitely not because you're not a catch! We know you're the ideal boyfriend and hookup situation, it's just that...your profile is selling your short. Unless you're a Hemsworth, you have to look at your dating profile as an ad for why people should either want to date or ultimately fuck you. So let's break down how you can improve your personal ad and start getting those right swipes.

1. Ditch The Incognito Bull

An '80s song once proclaimed, "I wear my sunglasses at night..." and so on and so forth, well it's not the '80s and you should only be wearing sunglasses if you're outside for an activity or driving during the day. Otherwise, show your face! How are dudes supposed to see you if you have your gorgeous face hidden? The same goes for hats. Let them see those locks or that bald head; whatever you're rocking on top. Let it show.

2. Don't Worry, Be Happy

Simply put, smile more. We're not talking about a forced, school picture smile. Just a coy, playful one that showcases you're not some hardass who thinks they're too cool to put them pearly whites on display. Plus, people want to be around happy people, right? Not these brooding guys who are forever in a mood.

3. Be Active & Interesting

If your profile picture isn't going to showcase you just chilling with a cute smile, then make sure you're doing something in the photo that tells potential partners that you're fucking awesome. It's an easy way to showcase your personality as well. Like rock climbing? Take a picture of yourself doing it? Like playing tabletop board games? Take a picture. You want to find a guy who has the same interests, right? A profile pic showcasing your hobbies is a great way to do just that.

4. No Friend Zone

Okay, let me explain this one. You can totally have pictures of your friends within your profile but not as the featured photo. No one wants to investigate and play Where's Waldo when it comes to who they're swiping on. Just put yourself as the main attraction and leave pictures with your friends and family elsewhere.

5. Utilize Your Tagline

Every dating app has a place where you can put a bio or rather, a quick tagline to get someone interested. Remember when we said this is your ad? Think of every great product to have ever existed. What did they all have in common? Amazing taglines that made their marketing pop.

6. Inspire Conversation

You can also be engaging with your tagline and/or bio. Don't just put, "If you like what you see, DM me." No, that's lazy and something a total Fuck Boy would do. Instead, mention something interesting about yourself but don't tell the whole story, so that when they message you - they can ask about it. Give off a sense of mystery without being weird about it. For example, I would say something like, "I once sprained my ankle running for the ice-cream man. You'll have to hit me up to see if I got the sweet treats." Something as simple as that will suffice.

7. Make Them Laugh

Don't let anyone tell you that they aren't as turned on by a funny man as they are a guy with a Greek God bod. So have fun with your profile, especially if you are a silly guy.

8. Ban Negativity

Lastly, don't go listing the things you don't like or aren't interested in. Instead, put what you love and enjoy doing.
September 09, 2022 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles